Bobby Flay's Go-To Sauce For Dipping French Fries

Most people would agree that french fries are simply better when you have something to dip them in. Whether it's ketchup or milkshakes (there's actually science behind why this sweet-salty combo works), fries doused or dunked into a flavorful dip just feel more special than plain ones. World-famous chef, author, and restaurateur Bobby Flay agrees, but he's not satisfied with something as basic as ketchup for his fries. Instead, he creates his own signature fry sauce. 

While many chefs remain mum about what goes into favorite recipes, Flay happily shares the formula behind the sauce served at his restaurant Bobby's Burger Palace and his chain Bobby's Burgers. His fry sauce is made from a mere three ingredients: mayonnaise, roasted red peppers, and a single chipotle chile pepper in adobo sauce, which are blended together until smooth. The mayo contrasts the hot, crispy potatoes with something cool and creamy. In fact, this condiment is more popular than ketchup for fry-dipping in places like Belgium and France.

Meanwhile, the addition of roasted red pepper gives the sauce some subtle smoky sweetness, and the chipotle pepper kicks up the smoke even more, while imparting a pleasant bit of heat to the mix. This ingredient trio makes for a serious rival to classic ketchup and the ubiquitous ranch dressing as the ultimate fry partner.

This sauce is too good to be reserved for fries

Bobby Flay's french fry sauce is far too tasty to use for fries alone. You can use it in any application where you might use mayonnaise, such as on hamburgers, BLTs or any type of sandwich, with fish sticks, as a dip for steamed artichokes or roasted potatoes, or even as a replacement for mayo in tuna salad. For the ambitious home chef, try creating the sauce using homemade mayonnaise, which requires egg yolks, vinegar or lemon juice, and oil. Don't worry if the mayo breaks — there's a simple way to save it.

Flay's fry sauce certainly isn't the only mayonnaise-based condiment that tastes terrific with french fries. In Utah and a few other American states, the term "fry sauce" refers to a simple mixture of mayo and ketchup, with perhaps some spices thrown in if you want to get fancy. You can also simply flavor mayo with pickle brine or roasted garlic. Try adding several dashes of Buffalo sauce to mayo, plus a spoon of horseradish if you like things more spicy, and if you like your sauces on the sweeter side, try mayonnaise mixed with some Dijon mustard and honey. This 5-ingredient Alabama white sauce would also be fantastic on french fries, plus any meats served as the main course.