DIY TikTok's Viral Crookie With Store-Bought Cookie Dough And Croissants

Many of us are satisfied with indulging in a tasty chocolate chip cookie or a buttery croissant, but thankfully, there are dreamers who are always searching for something more. The internet is brimming with ingenious food combinations like the cromboloni (croissant and bomboloni) and cruffin (croissant and muffin) that take two beloved foods and manage to make them even more delightful. Thanks to Stéphane Louvard, a Parisian baker, the city's symbolic carb has been reimagined (again) into a 'crookie.'

Not to be confused with the 'brookie,' a brownie and cookie hybrid, a 'crookie' combines a croissant with chocolate cookie dough to create a French-American amalgam that's more decadent than its individual parts. Similar to the New Yorkers who waited in line for hours a decade ago for chef Dominque Ansel 'Cronut,' a croissant and doughnut lovechild, Louvard is baking up to 2,000 crookies daily to keep up with demand. The supersized dessert retails for about $6.50 in bakeries, but you don't need to live in the City of Lights or spend three days making croissants from scratch to have one. 


A Crookie if you will

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TikTokers have created a DIY version of this odd-looking but impossible-to-resist dessert that you can quickly bake at home using store-bought cookie dough and leftover croissants. To make a crookie, split a croissant in half lengthwise like you're preparing a sandwich. Fill the croissant with roughly a half cup of raw cookie dough and top it with another third cup before placing it in the oven. 

Tips for baking crookies at home

Since the stuffed croissants are reheated, this is a great recipe for using up stale croissants and reducing food waste. Ina Garten suggests using ice cream scoops to perfectly portion cookie dough, and we agree. You'll need a size eight scoop for the filling and a number 12 scoop for the topping. Crookies are baked for only 10 minutes, so if you use an ice cream scoop, don't leave the cookie dough in a ball. Use a spatula to evenly spread it throughout the inside of the croissant and crumble it like a cobbler on top. Once baked and cooled, the cookie dough in the center remains soft and gooey like a just-baked warm cookie while the cookie on top firms. 

The OG uses chocolate chip cookie dough, but feel free to experiment with your favorite flavors. Crookies can be made with any drop cookie dough recipe containing nuts, dried fruit, or chips. Or use a sugar cookie dough studded with rainbow sprinkles to make a funfetti-inspired version that'll put a smile on everyone's face. 

Bake a crookie to share with someone you love, or keep it all for yourself to cure life's woes. Containing almost seven ounces of cookie dough (plus the buttery croissant), crookies make Levain Bakery's jumbo-sized cookies seem petite. If you're looking for more creative ways to enjoy croissants, you may want to try another TikTok viral recipe, the croffle.