TikTok's Croffle Will Change How You Use Your Waffle Maker

In 2013, Dominique Ansel introduced the Cronut — a buttery, sweet mashup of a donut and croissant — that was initially intended to be a weekend-long offering for Mother's Day. Instead, it became an overnight sensation, with pastry enthusiasts lining up for hours to sample this creative treat.

Four years later, Irish pastry chef Louise Lennox — in collaboration with the bakery chain Cuisine de France — was credited with creating another croissant hybrid: the croffle. This fusion of a waffle and a croissant had a quieter debut on the culinary scene, but quickly gained popularity in cafes across South Korea. Now, select shops and specialty stores like Croffle House in New York, RofleRofle Croffle in Arizona, and Croffles & Co. in California, are popping up around the United States. Thanks to the croffle's rising popularity, if you're not near one of these eateries, you can still make your own croffles at home with help from creators on TikTok.

How to make croffles in your waffle maker

TikTok creator @moribyan shows viewers just how quick and easy it is to make croffles at home. All you need is a waffle maker, which you'll spray with your choice of non-stick cooking spray. Then, season thawed frozen croissants — @moribyan uses sugar and cinnamon — before cooking them one by one in the waffle iron.


🥐 croissants in the waffle maker are my new favorite dessert – not too sweet!

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Once the croffles are done, it's time to get creative with toppings. While @moribyan pipes a ricotta-based cream on top, garnishing them with berries and powdered sugar, the culinary options are endless. As for where to purchase your croissants, the choice is yours. The croissants in @moribyan's video came from Whole Foods, but Trader Joe's double chocolate croissants would also be a fantastic choice. Of course, you can also make your own classic butter croissants.

And while the sweet version of croffles looks enticing, you can modify the recipe to create your own savory-style croffles. Sprinkle in herbs, top with cheese or sauces, or follow in the footsteps of Louise Lennox by topping them with the likes of pulled pork and apple slaw, avocado and feta, or chicken and gravy.