Giada De Laurentiis' 3-Ingredient Sorbet Is Too Easy Not To Make

Just as Bobby Flay puts chili peppers in everything, Giada De Laurentiis loves using lemons to add a pop to sweet and savory dishes alike. However, this lemon coconut sorbet really does take the proverbial cake. It's made just with citrus fruit (which the celebrity chef peels and de-seeds) as well as coconut milk and maple syrup to taste. But instead of using ice, the trick for making this sorbet is pretty ingenious: The lemons are frozen to provide an icy, fruity base for the other ingredients.


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All you have to do is toss the frozen lemons into your blender with the other two ingredients and churn them up. Once you're done, follow De Laurentiis' lead and top the dessert with thyme or other herbs, such as basil, sage, mint, or rosemary, and you're ready to dig in. Granted, waiting for the lemons to freeze will be a bit more time-consuming than if you were to just grab a handful of ice already in your freezer. However, it's worth the wait for a far more intense and irresistible citrus flavor.

Lemons are the star ingredient in Giada's fruity sorbet

Giada De Laurentiis has certainly offered up an array of delicious-looking Italian sorbet recipes over the years too, from her lemon basil sorbetto, which features sugar in place of maple syrup and the zest of lemons, to her tart pomegranate and mint sorbet. Of course, these recipes do require an ice cream maker, so they aren't entirely as quick and easy to whip up as the aforementioned three-ingredient sorbet.

For those looking for something equally as sweet and simple, the good news is that your favorite canned fruit can actually double as a one-ingredient sorbet. Instead of mixing together syrup and fruit, this recipe calls for freezing canned fruit, such as peaches, pineapples, or apricots, and then churning in a blender (no ice cream maker needed).

Similarly, you can also freeze fresh fruits like strawberries and mangos and then mix them with a splash of lemon juice or other fruit juice and simple syrup to achieve the same toothsome blend.