2024 Super Bowl Food Commercials Ranked From Worst To Best

Super Bowl LVIII pitted the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers. Or, as we imagined it, the Kansas City BBQs versus the Sourdough Bread Bowls. (Dough! There's always next year, Bread Bowls.) But, who really went home with the Vince Lombardi trophy? Any commercial with food in it, and we're ranking them all from worst to first based on creative genius, execution, celebrity star-struckness, which snacks are yummier, feelings, and hungriness. (AKA, the gold standard of rankery.)

We've come to expect a few rules of play. There will always be celebrity cameos. There will also be tear-jerkers, dad jokes, sweet sentimentality, and brands trying to relate to football. For 2024, we also saw loads of audience participation in the form of, oh, running around wearing a Miller Lite jersey and trying to get people to scan the code on your chest. If that doesn't work up an appetite, we don't know what does. We've got Oreos, M&M's, Bud Light, Drumstick, Nerds, Pizza Hut, Uber Eats, and even yogurt, people. Hop on the Coors Light Chill Train — here's how we got our Super Bowl snack on!

28. Oreo: Twist On It

Oreo hasn't sprung for a Super Bowl ad since it got a trendy rebrand back in 2013. (Before then, Oreos were boring. Oreo A.D.? Not boring.) For 2024, the cookie giant tapped America's most notorious momager, Kris Jenner, to cameo in their "Twist On It" spot, and we loved everything but that part.

We're totally Team Oreo. And, the ad was pretty great, spanning different eras throughout time, with people twisting Oreos apart to determine the course of history. What landed this one at the bottom was Jenner. In a scene that supposedly took place pre-"Keeping Up with The Kardashians," where Jenner decides whether to launch a reality show, she looks like her current self. This was glam squad, red carpet, $170 million net worth Kris. Not brown lipstick, spikey-haired, 2007 Dash fashion mess Kris. We needed throwback Kris, and we didn't get her. (We're gonna go pound Double Stufs.)

27. Starry: It's Time to See Other Sodas

Starry lemon lime soda is running some game on the Coca-Cola Sprite market, replacing PepsiCo's former offering, Sierra Mist (whoever she is), in the puckery citrus department. But, while we love the disruptor vibe, we didn't love this gruelingly phoned-in production. It seemed like no one wanted to make this ad. Not even the animated mascots named Lem and Lime. (See? Even the names are snoozy.) 

The animated lemon and lime characters who were dating Ice Spice (and also wearing each other's skins?) kissed Spice on the cheek and offered boring quips when Spice's ex (an actual human) burst into tears at the sight of Spice getting cozy with two pieces of fruit. We haven't sipped Starry ourselves, but we don't really drink plain Sprite, either. Despite being about fresh, effervescent soda, mad lame jokes made this one land like a ton of lemon-lime bricks.

26. Coors Light: Chill Train

For the record, we'll board any train that LL Cool J is conducting. After more than a decade, the Coors Light Chill Train left the station for Super Bowl LVIII. And, along with Country Music Award winner Lainey Wilson, 100 randomly selected fans also got to appear in an extended slo-mo version of the spot as passengers on the train. 

The Chill Train was super cool back in 2005 when it made its debut to "Love Train" by the O'Jays. But, a lot has happened since then. This train seems to be chugging along to "remember when you liked us?" energy; not quite as epic as it once felt. We're hands in the air for a classic Super Bowl beer ad. But, this is one train we wouldn't mind never seeing again. Coors Light, don't let your rusted caboose hit you on the way out.

25. Dunkin': The DunKings

Dunkin' played the long game, setting up a star-studded Super Bowl spot with their biggest influencer fangirl, Charli D'Amelio, playing opposite Ben Affleck's aspiring, middle-aged, donut-based rap persona. Of course, we were going to see Jennifer Lopez and Matt Damon, as well (and Fat Joe because it's freakin' Fat Joe).

The DunKings band featured Tom Brady on keys and Affleck performing super-cheese boy band moves for his real -ife wife, Lopez, who sat behind the mixing board during her own recording session. Affleck appears to be Dunkin's No. 1 self-inflicted punching bag, and Damon threw out a few good burns as the reluctant BFF. The moral of the story is that Dunkin' doesn't need a Super Bowl commercial. This seemed like trying too hard when we're already obsessed with the brand from coast to coast.

24. Bud Light: Easy Night Out

Not only did rapper Post Malone treat us to his rendition of "America The Beautiful", but he also starred in Bud Light's Super Bowl 2024 ad. Take it away, beer! This is one of those storylines where a sad, balding beer drinker meets the magical Bud Light genie and gets transformed into his dream self. So do his friends, and they ride the wave (in this case, a stretch limo DeLorean), for the night of his life. Cameos by UFC CEO Dana White, Peyton Manning, and a T-Rex invading a pool party make this feel like a really beer-y beer ad.

Backing it up to the Bud Light stash we saw at the top; we're impressed by anyone who's got a main kitchen fridge stocked only with beer. What kind of life is this that we could be leading? (And which bottles have the genies? Asking for a friend.)

23. M&M's: Almost Champions Ring of Comfort

Full disclosure: We hate the M&M's characters. They've been around since the 1950s? Mars! You're actively hurting us with these doofs. M&M's served up a fantasy where there's a Super Bowl ring consolation prize for Big Game losers. Legendary icons of the NFL Dan Marino, Bruce Smith, and Terrell Owens (who all missed out on a Super Bowl ring at least once) made appearances — along with occasional Oscar-snub-ee Scarlet Johansson — and science explained how diamonds are made from peanut butter. (What?!)

We can't budge on our seething distaste for these animated candies, but we also f***ing love peanut butter. For that reason alone, M&M's didn't completely land in the trash.

22. Instacart: Combination Football Game & Grocery Store

We don't want to get ahead of our skis, but Instacart's ear-worm-y "Combination football game and grocery store" track (a play on Das Racist's iconic "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell") is the song of the summer 2024. Prove us wrong. Instacart capitalized on their phone-based convenience service, proving that you can have fun with your family during the game while getting your errands done and never getting off your tuchis. We wondered how much attention you could really give your kid, the game, and your grocery list at the same time, but we give 'em an E for effort. Whether or not you ever watch football and shop for groceries at the same time in real life, one thing's for sure: "Combination football game and grocery store" will be stuck in your head forever.

21. Poppi: The Future of Soda is Now

Poppi brings us decidedly Gen-Z soda branding that boasts mindful ingredients without the junk (read: sugar and chemicals) of the old brands. The ad feels fresh while also feeling beta. There's neon red lighting. We're into it. In the spot, fans of Poppi wear colorful wireless sunglasses, long neon nails, face piercings, and vintage fashion. It's as if a Poppi perfume commercial and "Poppi" the movie had a baby, and we're watching it take its first steps. It's as much the Poppi aesthetic as it is the actual drink. We're hypnotized by all of it.

Poppi comes in a zillion flavors, such as watermelon, grape, doc pop, orange, and cherry limeade. The "Shark Tank" success story owes it all to great marketing, a blend with less cane sugar than average, and a much sweeter campaign than most.

20. Starbucks: Study Buddy

No matter how devoted we are to our local coffee shop, Starbucks has a vice grip on our taste buds when it comes to their flavored coffees. Even a quick, 15-second spot featuring the famous caramel macchiato from the brand has us feeling the feels for a cozy caramel hug on a cold winter's day — Or, let's be real, all of the days.

In this Starbucks Super Bowl ad, one friend buys her other friend a coffee and brings it to her just before the big exam. Obviously, they're going to "ace this thing" based on thoughtfulness, friendship, and love of coffee. Those are the rules. We almost missed this one, but even just a glimpse of that iconic Starbucks green color triggers our thirst for something sweet. A+ to a brand that pretty much always gets it right.

19. NERDS: Big Game Commercial featuring Addison Rae

After a highly suspenseful Nerds Candy teaser campaign featuring influencer Addison Rae teaching a "mystery student" how to dance, we finally witnessed the flawless performance. And, it starred a gummy squish character covered in Nerds, bringing Nerds Gummy Clusters to life. Yikes.

It was supposed to be cute, but with a different musical track, this candy monster could have played a terrifying supervillain in "Ghostbusters." The spot marked Nerds Candy's debut commercial at any Super Bowl, ever. It's probably because we only ever see Nerds when they're part of a mix of Halloween candy, or if someone else got a king-sized box at the movies. Either way, Rae played it way too dimply-cute in the final edit as the proud dance instructor. We're off to search eBay for a nuclear accelerator and proton pack to capture this Gummy Cluster once and for all.

18. MTN DEW: Aubrey Plaza Having A Blast

MTN DEW brilliantly showcases actor Aubrey Plaza's perfectly dry, deadpan delivery over lifestyle vignettes where she's technically drinking a MTN DEW Baja Blast but not having a "blast" while doing it. She appears at a kid's party, in a jammed elevator, crushing a gamer, getting trounced in the wrestling ring, at a club, in the sewer, and being beamed up into an alien spaceship. Finally, her former "Parks and Recreation" buddy Nick Offerman joins the scene, riding his dragon next to hers. They cackle together as they fly off into Westeros from "Game of Thrones" or something.

MTN DEW Baja Blast serves up the original DEW flavor with added natural and artificial lime flavorings. None of this explains why ecto green and lime green make a blue drink. But, this is its 20th anniversary, and we can't resist a party.

17. Doritos Dinamita: Dina & Mita

Super Bowl chips-blazer Doritos came in hot with an ad for its Dinamita line, which debuted in 2012 and jacked the Takis concept (born in Mexico, 1999), and repackaged it as a much bigger branded ode to the O.G.

The spot starred actors Jenna Ortega and Danny Ramirez, plus "abuelas" Dina and Mita, who may be old but 1,000% have not lost their fire for spicy corn snacks. It all played out as the classic commercial caper where the last bag of Doritos Dinamita sticks was pursued over myriad obstacles and somehow remained uncrushed. The magic of cinema.

We love us some Doritos. But, we kind of miss the days when Doritos ads blew our freakin' minds with their genius-level creativity. (Probably before everyone had a phone and was making Doritos ads themselves.) Ugh. Just pass the Cool Ranch, por favor.

16. Lindt Chocolate: LINDOR Life Is A Ball

Lindt Chocolate's Super Bowl offering stayed true to the 145-year-old sweets brand by making the actual chocolate the star of the show. A Lindt Lindor milk chocolate truffle bopped along through different vignettes featuring fun and fabulous chocolate lovers, bringing joy and happiness to everyone it met. There was even an appearance by the iconic Lindt Chocolate chef, who raised his chocolatey whisk as velvety chocolate cascaded into a bowl and passed his thoughtful inspection. It was all a little too perfectly sweet — a good time to go refill your red Solo cup. It wasn't completely boring, it was just meh. That's why it landed somewhere in between "We love chocolate" and "Anyone need anything while we're up?"

15. Popeyes: The Wait Is Over

In Popeyes' first Big Game commercial, actor Ken Jeong was frozen alive in 1972 — back when the chain first opened — so that he could be unfrozen when the brand finally put wings on the menu. Super Bowl Sunday 2024 was indeed that day. Of course, Jeong's character was curious about what other advancements had been made since the '70s.

He took on modern technological terrors like scooters, floor-cleaning robots, designer dogs, fanny packs, self-driving cars, massage chairs, and a swarm of drone deliveries. It was a delightful tour of scientific marvels. Whether they took us forward or backward ... TBD.

We would watch Jeong doing his comedic thing for hours. Especially when he's trying to eat a saucy chicken wing while violently vibrating on a massage chair and singing, "Love that chicken from Popeyes."

14. Drumstick: Doctor on the Plane

On paper, this probably seemed like a great idea. Tap comedian Eric André, see if the Drumstick mascot puppet, Dr. Umstick (get it?), is available, and then Drumstick ice cream cones save the day on a plane when André asks for a doctor. This marked the first time Drumstick threw down on a Super Bowl ad, bringing us that throwback flavor.

Except, instead of remembering how awesome Drumstick ice cream cones tasted, all we could think about was, "Is Eric André ok?" The answer remained unclear. Drumstick and André also teamed up to turn #DrumstickMonday into a national holiday, taking place every Monday after Super Bowl Sunday. A possible post-game day off brought to us by ice cream? It's a win-win, people.

13. Michelob ULTRA: Superior Beach

Soccer fans' heads may have exploded when Lionel Messi — legendary fútbol star — appeared on behalf of the biggest American "football" event. For Michelob Ultra's 2024 Super Bowl ad Messi ordered draft Ultra's at a beach bar when the keg got kicked. As the bartender fetched another, Messi joined a beach soccer pickup game, schooling literally everyone with his moves. Dan Marino pitched in via his boat, and Jason Sudeikis commented from the sidelines. It all ended with Messi finally getting his hard-earned Michelob Ultra.

We appreciated an international sports icon getting some screen time during the Big Game. This spot had us feeling that there's nothing better than a warm, sunny day at the beach with an ice-cold Michelob Ultra.

12. Oikos: Hold My Oikos

We loved these two buds on a farcical golf outing for Oikos: Actor Martin Lawrence and former Denver Broncos tight end Shannon "Show Muscles" Sharpe. They're an odd duo — especially for yogurt — and they were totally easy to watch. Lawrence was busy working on his Oikos Pro yogurt as the two contemplated how their golf cart ended up in a pond. Lawrence then waded into the water, emerging with the previously submerged golf cart effortlessly balanced over his head. The obviously taller and stronger Sharpe looked on, waiting to give Lawrence a verbal dressing down. Oikos supports access to nutrition and strength for everyone. But, fans will see "Snack Strong Oikos" messaging in stores, instead of during their game day fun.

11. Pringles: Mr. P

This one lands here because Pringles are ... hot. We would watch Pringles go shopping for socks. Like, we loved Pringles in "Parks & Recreation," but then after Pringles worked out really hard and got ripped for Star-Lord in "Guardians of the Galaxy” ... total smoke show. Also, Chris Pratt stars in this, but whatever.

We watched the Pringles Super Bowl teaser enough times to equal to the length of a feature film. But, the final spot really sold the Chris-Pratt-looks-like-the-guy-on-the-Pringles-can thing. Was he the best choice for the part? Would Leonardo DiCaprio with glasses and a curly mustache be a closer match? We may never know. Oh — fans could also win $15,000 on the Pringles Instagram for posting a pic of anything resembling Mr. P (the Pringles mustache guy). That's some serious chip money.

10. Pizza Hut: Say wHuuuut?!

Apologies — we blacked out at "hot honey." Pizza Hut reminded us once again that "No one out-pizzas the Hut" with a Super Bowl spot featuring their limited-edition Hot Honey Pizza and Wings. We followed along as couples, friends, and other pizza lovers bit into a new flavor that made them go, "Pizza wHuuuut?" What started as a question quickly became a definitive statement. Gone are the flat, floppy pepperoni of yore. Enter Pizza Hut's version of curled-up pepperoni cups filled with their own spicy grease and hot honey, plus a side of chicken wings drizzled with hot honey, too. 

Still, it's just pepperoni pizza and chicken wings, but this time with a sweet and kicky flavor. We've gotta hand it to this brand for constantly reimagining the pizza that it's been cranking out since 1958. Put some freakin' hot honey on it and call it a day.

9. Reese's Cups: Yes!

Chocolate and peanut butter is the literal greatest combo in the history of ever times infinity. And, the only thing that could ever make it better is caramel. Reese's unveiled their new Reese's Caramel Big Cups to a cast of characters riding a roller coaster of emotions about the big news. They screamed "no!" at change, "yes" to caramel. "No" to releasing "a few," and "Yes!" to "a few million."

Don't worry — they're still making the usual cups. This is just a new thing with the caramel because it would be weird to add actual liquid gold. (Or, maybe ...? No, yeah, it would be weird.) Reese's launched their Caramel Big Cups (also in regular size) back in November 2023. But, does this third-wheel flavor deserve a spot with the classic duo? (We probs need to try another Caramel Big Cup while we think on it.)

8. Hello Fresh featuring Keke Palmer

Multi-talented actor Keke Palmer made quick work of the Hello Fresh Super Bowl spot by effortlessly showcasing her personality in the name of healthy meal kit eating. Also, her tailored, lime-green power suiting didn't hurt. Green means it's good for you.

Palmer turned boring cooked chicken breast into a crispy-breaded feast and highlighted the brand's "Free breakfast for life," with freshly cooked waffles instantly emerging from a customer's bed. It was fun, light, funny, and it basically had us ordering Hello Fresh on speed dial. The only flaw here was that the pizza that was originally delivered to the door was tossed aside. Who says you can't have Hello Fresh and hello pizza?

7. Silk: Feel Planty Good

Jeremy Renner is back! After surviving a snow plow accident in early 2023 that nearly killed him, Renner sang and danced his way through Silk's Super Bowl ad, making a smoothie without the blender lid, as well as coffee and pancakes — all with plant-based Silk "milk."

The ad featured his daughter, Ava Berlin, at the breakfast table and was maybe more sentimental than fans realized. Renner explained to Variety that during his recovery from a crushed jaw, among other things, he could only drink protein smoothies, which he made with Silk. We loved the pure joy emanating from this simple concept. And, we're glad these two are still sitting down to pancakes, whether they make them with Silk or not.

6. Miller Lite: Running of the Beer Ads

Out-of-shape dudes with painted chests is funny. Don't fight it, it's science. Starting in early February 2024, Miller Lite fans had the chance to sign up to "be" a Miller Lite ad, scoring a branded jersey that featured a QR code. They then took it to the streets during Super Bowl commercial breaks, running around and getting other fans to scan the code. Miller Lite promised to shell out $170,000 in "beer money" and other prizes.

Actor Rob Riggle told Little Black Book that he was happy to be a part of the fun, sharing pre-game, "I'll be ready to run along fans during the commercial breaks — even if it's just to the fridge to grab my next Miller Lite and back." Rob Riggle actually running around the Las Vegas Strip with his jiggly painted chest would have landed this ad at No. 1.

5. Hellmann's: Mayo Cat

Why does mayonnaise need a Super Bowl ad? Especially one featuring a cat along with the mayo? (Don't mind us over here, just picturing cat hair in a glop of mayo.) Hellmann's 2024 Super Bowl ad rode the line between the "awareness" genre and straight-up entertainment — thankfully landing on the side of fun. Kate McKinnon teamed up with the talking "Mayo Cat" (who's really named Chipmunk) to advocate for eliminating food waste. For most fans of celebrity animals, the fact that the cat could say "mayo" and launched a gigantic and successful press tour probably reminded them of Tardar Sauce, aka, "Grumpy Cat." There was also a solid dig at fellow "SNL" alum Pete Davidson enjoying a brief relationship with Mayo Cat and heading for Splitsville shortly after. What was this ad about again?

4. STōK Cold Brew: Inner Wred Dragon

Guys: Sir Anthony Hopkins is 86. And, we were delighted to see this award-winning icon of stage and screen positively destroy in STōK Cold Brew's Super Bowl ad as the mascot for Welsh soccer team, Wrexham AFC. Hopkins' overtly theatrical locker room hype sesh featured his voiceover, "One must forget oneself," as he looked at himself in the mirror, asking, "Who are you?" Comedy genius. Nevermind the instant he donned the Wrex the Dragon mascot head and sprung onto the field to pump up the rowdy crowd. He thanked STōK Cold Brew coffee for giving him that "extra kick."

Another fútbol/football crossover! STōK Cold Brew is an official stadium sponsor for Wrexham AFC. Plus, actor Ryan Reynolds bought Wrexham AFC in 2020 — so maybe that explains the new Super Bowl–level visibility.

3. Uber Eats: Don't Forget Uber Eats

Uber Eats brought us one of the most naturally funny Super Bowl campaigns. The concept here is that in order to remember one thing, you have to forget something else. And, the other thing in each of these scenarios was a doozy.

Tatted-up country music star Jason "Jelly Roll" DeFord forgot he has face tattoos. And, internationally hot power couple David and Victoria Beckham forgot the name of Victoria's former girl group, the Spice Girls. Jennifer Aniston forgot she ever worked with David Schwimmer on "Friends," Usher forgot he was headlining the Super Bowl halftime show, and a coworker forgot his pants (happily, he remembered his underwear). It was delightful to watch these celebs poke a little fun at themselves. Of course, no one forgot Uber Eats.

2. DoorDash: DoorDash All The Ads

DoorDash promised to send one lucky fan all of the products from every other Super Bowl LVIII spot, in an epic reveal that featured a gigantic DoorDash delivery bag, a heavenly chorus, and a visual rundown of the beers, cars, and snacks. In theory, the jackpot would include everything from a case of Starry all the way up to a brand-new BMW.

What exactly were all the possible goodies? Advertisers included Paramount, Etsy, OpenDoor, BetMGM, Nyx Professional Makeup, Volkswagen, Dove, Kawasaki, Verizon, Toyota, State Farm, Booking.com, E*Trade, e.l.f. Cosmetics, FanDuel, Kia America, Temu, Google, and more. (The winner definitely needs the Intuit TurboTax assistance if they really won all those cars.) Were you the lucky person to wake up to a bunch of new cars, Popeyes chicken, and a brand new e.l.f. Cosmetics Lash XTNDR mascara? We'll totally help out with those barbecue wings.

1. Budweiser: Old School Delivery

This is what Super Bowl beer ads are all about. The Budweiser Clydesdales' majestic prancing is like watching fighter jets buzz Allegiant Stadium. These beautiful creatures are fighting for America — and also beer. This Bud's for you!

The Clydesdales landed only a bit part in 2023's Super Bowl Budweiser spot. Fans demanded way more camera time for their beloved horses, and they certainly got it. This time, there was also an appearance by the yellow lab who, as a pup, bonded with the Clydesdales in Budweiser's Super Bowl 48 ad, a decade ago. We're not crying, you're crying. Ah, geez, now we're all crying. Budweiser sure isn't afraid to tug hard on those sentimental heartstrings. Here's an extra tissue just in case your team also got the M&M's "Comfort Ring" this year.