How To Layer Store-Bought Dips For Super Bowl Parties

No Super Bowl recipe roundup should be complete without the inclusion of a layered dip. This side dish, popular in Tex-Mex cuisine, has only been around for a few decades, but has remained popular among football watchers due to the smorgasbord of flavors it provides. However, if you choose to spice up your upcoming Super Bowl watch party with this dish, you must ensure to properly layer your store-bought dips.

Dips come in a wide range of flavors and textures. While this variety is good, it does mean that some sauces are heavier than others. If arranged improperly, your heavier dips might crush or even mix into the layers beneath. The flavor of this dish probably won't get ruined should this happen, but remember, displaying those distinct layers is what makes this dish so fun.

To avoid this issue, start your layered dip with your densest selections at the bottom. Typically, these will be refried beans, followed by guacamole and sour cream. Then, layer on lighter ingredients such as salsa and garnishes, where you should have more flexibility in their exact arrangement.

Get creative with your store-bought dip choices

Feel free to get ambitious with your dip. While a refried bean base topped with guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheese, and pico de gallo is a classic combination, you can be creative and swap in different flavors (or add even more layers) to your recipe. Dips and spreads are Super Bowl menu staples, so don't let your contribution suffer from a lack of creativity. Chutney, hummus, and tahini sauce are just some of the many popular dipping sauces that people love on game days, so don't hesitate to incorporate a layer of your favorite condiment into a layered dip.

If you're feeling creative but don't want to stray too far from tried-and-true flavor profiles, try incorporating or swapping out common Tex-Mex ingredients in your layered dip. This can be as simple as adding store-bought queso, canned black beans, or even shredded lettuce to your dish. If you and your guests can handle the heat, consider incorporating some hot sauce or jalapeño peppers into your dip, giving the recipe a spicy kick.

Display your dip in a shallow, see-through container

Nobody wants to take a bite out of a dip they don't like at a party, and your Super Bowl gathering should be no exception. Displaying your layered dip in a clear bowl or tray will ensure that your guests can take a good guess at what ingredients you've chosen. See-through containers also provide a visual cue on how deep guests need to dig to get (or sometimes avoid) a particular ingredient. Besides, why hide the distinct dip layers you worked so hard to arrange?

Visibility isn't your only concern when displaying this dish either. While it might seem appealing to display a tall layered dip, remember that chips are relatively small. Choose a wide, shallow tray to minimize the chances of a chip breaking or, worse, you and your guests having to dig their hands into the dip to reach a particular layer. Opting for large, sturdy tortilla chips also helps mitigate this issue, so try to snag a bag of these when purchasing the ingredients for your recipe.