The Smartest Day Of The Week To Shop At Aldi

Few stores can compete with the incredibly cheap groceries at Aldi. At a time when the U.S. Department of Agriculture has reported that the cost of food has grown by 9.9% in 2022 alone, more people are prioritizing affordability when it comes to food, and some smaller markets like Aldi offer excellent deals that change from week to week. Despite the chain's popularity, not everyone is aware of extra tricks that could save them even more money when shopping. For instance, did you know that your Aldi trip can go more smoothly if you go there on a certain day of the week?

At Aldi, your best bet for shopping is Wednesdays. This is the day of the week when the grocery store chain restocks all its shelves with cheap, delicious products, and produce often goes on sale, as well. This means that when you go to your local Aldi, you might be able to purchase all or most of what you need there, without having to buy some items at other, more expensive stores because Aldi is out of stock. You might be able to check everything off your shopping list and wind up with a total that's far lower than you'd have at a supermarket or other store, not to mention you'll likely find some new favorites after perusing the wide selection.

Other ways to save at Aldi

A trip to Aldi guarantees big savings on groceries, but a little extra planning and the use of the internet could really cut down on your checkout bill. By visiting the Aldi website, you can not only get the scoop on which specialty items are available for sale on Wednesdays, but see what the store plans to release in the near future. This can be especially useful for customers who are trying to plan out meals before purchasing groceries, as they'll be able to tweak their shopping list based on what's on sale.

With all this said, you shouldn't blindly grab items from shelves without inspecting them. As you shop for products on discount at your local Aldi, keep in mind that certain items may have a decreased price because they are near expiration. Skip items you don't think you can finish before their expiration date, or plan some meals that can get the most out of products before they have to go in the trash.

Another way to save money at Aldi lies in purchasing their cheaper, store-brand products over name-brand items. Over 90% of a given store's stock consists of items only sold at Aldi, and some items, such as their signature wines, have won awards for their quality. Be open-minded and try out items that look good to you — you might be pleasantly surprised.

Check in on Monday deals, too

While you definitely want to visit your local Aldi on a Wednesday, don't rule out a quick Monday trip, either. On Monday mornings, the grocery chain releases a variety of "Hot Deals" discounts on its signature items. The storefront will likely have shelves that are less well-stocked than they would be on Wednesday morning, but Mondays can offer you the financial return of heavily discounted items. And if you're only looking to purchase affordable produce, Aldi stores typically receive fresh fruits and vegetables every day, so any day is a great time to visit your location.

Still not sure what to buy? Aldi offers a variety of seasonal items at lower prices called "Aldi Finds." These products include readymade frozen meals, kitchen appliances, and even house plants. These aren't part of the store's recurring stock, so take advantage of a deal that appeals to you before Aldi discontinues your favorite frozen dessert or savory treat. Aldi also occasionally releases print coupons or promotional sales to celebrate store openings or other festive events, so keep an eye out for paper clippings applicable to your local branch, and enjoy shopping!