How To Order Chipotle's Secret Menu Quesarito (And When You Shouldn't)

While almost everyone knows of the classic Chipotle bowl, few are aware of the Quesarito: an off-menu crossover between a quesadilla and a burrito. Essentially a burrito wrapped in a cheese-stuffed tortilla, the Quesarito's vibrant flavor continues to wow customers in the know. And much like the secret menu fresh herb you should request at Chipotle, you can't order a Quesarito on an app.

To order Chipotle's Quesarito, simply go to your nearest location and ask for it in person. The cashier will likely ring it up as a burrito with an added charge of $3.50, though this price may vary by location.

You're also not guaranteed a Quesarito every time you visit Chipotle. Since this dish takes considerably more time to cook and assemble compared to the rest of Chipotle's menu, some locations might deny your request based on their busyness. Read the room and avoid ordering this item during rush hour or when the store is busy. Food service workers are stressed enough as it is.

Chipotle's easily customizable menu likely gave birth to the Quesarito

The exact origins of the Quesarito are dubious at best. Online, some users argue that the Quesarito originated with Taco Bell, where it was an actual menu item. Taco Bell's quesadilla-wrapped burrito debuted in 2014 and was available for nearly 10 years, but Chipotle's off-menu item actually predates it and continues to be sold to this day.

A precise date marking the first creation of what many consider a Tex-Mex cuisine abomination at Chipotle remains unknown. However, it likely resulted from Chipotle's friendly customization policy. Customers are encouraged to mix up their bowls and burritos, causing minimal hassle for Chipotle staff, who are trained to accommodate menu requests as long as the ingredients are available. At some point, a Chipotle customer likely asked for a burrito wrapped in two tortillas with cheese in between, and the item gradually gained popularity over the years.

No, Chipotle hasn't announced any plans to add the Quesarito to its menu

While the Quesarito continues to have a massive fan base, Chipotle has not shown interest in adding the item to its official menu — yet. The chain tends to avoid trendy gimmicks in its standard offerings, which might explain why its menu mostly consists of classic dishes like burritos, bowls, and quesadillas.

That doesn't mean the Quesarito has absolutely no chance of making its debut on the company's official menu, though. Chipotle briefly reintroduced carne asada, a popular item, to its recent menu, indicating that the company isn't averse to bringing back fan-favorite items if the interest is high enough. The company also released a series of bowls designed to follow wellness trends, such as high-protein or vegetable-heavy diets, showing that executives are at least open to the idea of novelty menu items on occasion. However, the Quesarito remains off-menu, so order it at your own discretion.