The Flavorful Dressing Swap For Potato Salads Without Mayo

To many of us, a tasty potato salad is rich, creamy, and covered in a mayonnaise-based dressing. However, you don't have to wave this dish goodbye if you're out of mayo or simply don't like the stuff. There are other ways to make a delicious potato salad; namely, by swapping in a different dressing in place of mayo. A great option is a mustard-based dressing, which still provides a buttery-smooth texture to the potatoes while adding a stronger kick of flavor. 

Mustard is a creamy, non-dairy substitute for mayo that coats cooked potatoes far more thoroughly than a watery vinaigrette. Also, unlike mayonnaise and other highly perishable spreads, mustard has plenty of acid, so when it sits out at warmer temperatures, it won't spoil nearly as quickly as a classic potato salad. This makes a mustardy salad the perfect dish for outdoor dining events such as picnics and cookouts. You can feel free to leave the salad out on the picnic table for longer periods of time. Just remember to display your delicious spuds over a tray of ice, as the CDC recommends tossing out refrigerated foods if they sit out at room temperature for two hours or longer. You'll just have a lot more wiggle room with a mustard dressing, and plenty of other perks, as well.

Deepen the flavor of your mustard potato salad

Once you pick out which type of mustard you'd like to use in your potato salad, mix it with other flavorful ingredients like oil, vinegar, and whatever else you please — or just use the condiment on its own. Either way, there are tons of other ingredients that can make your tangy, savory, slightly spicy salad even tastier. 

Bacon makes (almost) everything better, and potato salads are no exception. The strong, savory taste of bacon pairs excellently with the tanginess of mustard, and the crunch of the crispy pork adds a delectable textural contrast to the creamy, mild potatoes. You can also incorporate some of the bacon drippings into your dressing and add an irresistible, umami undertone to the salad. Instead of boiling the potatoes, you can even roast the spuds in bacon fat, which will give them a crunchy surface. 

Spices are also a wonderful way to compliment the taste of a mustard dressing, allowing you to take your salad in different directions. Paprika gives creamy potato salads a hint of spice, while garlic powder boosts the savory components of this dish. You can even add the creative combo of dill, lemon, and saffron to your potato salad — perfectly refreshing for a hot summer day. And don't forget other veggies that are popular in potato salad, like onions and celery.

Prep your potatoes properly

Potato salad may seem to be all about the fixings, but the important foundation is the potatoes themselves. No amount of tasty mustard dressing will cover up a batch of poorly-cooked spuds, so you'll want to make sure your potatoes are in tip-top shape to begin with. Before boiling, make sure you cut your potatoes into even, bite-sized shapes. Uniform pieces are less likely to cook irregularly, with would result in a potato salad with raw and/or overcooked parts. You also don't want to skip salting your water during the cooking process, as few things are as disappointing as biting into a bland potato.

Once you're finished boiling the spuds, you must remember to let them cool before drizzling in your dressing. While mustard can withstand high temperatures without separating, adding your dressing to hot potatoes can kill some of the mustard's kick, leaving you with an inferior flavor. Rushing to dress and mix your potato salad could also ruin any heat-sensitive ingredients you choose to incorporate into your recipe, such as fresh, leafy herbs.