How To Doctor An Old Fashioned With Peanut Butter Whiskey

With basic components comprising of a spirit (usually whiskey) mixed with water, sugar, and bitters, an old fashioned is the very definition of a classic cocktail. Dating back to the 1800s, it's a drink that has stood the test of time. Even in 2018, it was named the most popular cocktail in the world, according to bartenders, in honor of World Cocktail Day.

From lovers of the old fashioned like James Bond to Don Draper in "Mad Men," the cocktail has become synonymous with taste and elegance. But it's also a drink that has continued to grow and evolve over the years, with numerous new versions sprouting up, from the Oaxaca old fashioned with tequila and mezcal to a coffee version made with rich coffee liqueur. Even Giada De Laurentiis puts an Italian twist on the drink, with the addition of Amarena cherry syrup. But, have you ever tried making an old fashioned with peanut butter whiskey?

Switching up the usual bourbon or rye for peanut butter whiskey gives a new take on the cocktail, making it even more smooth, slightly sweet, slightly savory, and incredibly simple to make at home. 

Switch to peanut butter whiskey for a sweet, nutty twist

When learning how to make classic cocktails at home, some are simple and require just a handful of ingredients, while others need more unusual additions or even specialized equipment to make. But, just like the original recipe, a peanut butter old fashioned is easy to make — and easy to drink, too. It simply involves combining peanut butter whiskey with a few drops of angostura bitters, and serving it all over ice, with cherry and orange as a garnish if desired.

If the taste of a peanut butter old fashioned is too sweet for your liking, adding a splash of soda can help. Alternatively, try using a mixture of peanut butter whiskey and your favorite rye, along with a few dashes of bitters, for more layered and complex flavors without the sweetness being overly dominant.

You can either buy peanut butter whiskey to keep things simple, or else have a go at infusing your own if you fancy more of a challenge. To make it, try putting a cup of peanut butter into a cold brew coffee filter and use it to infuse a bottle of bourbon, which keeps all the little solid bits out of the liquid.

How to use peanut butter whiskey in other cocktails

If you want to take the taste of a peanut butter whiskey old fashioned to the next level, you could try adding a couple of extra ingredients to shake up the flavor profile. PB&J fans could try mixing in strawberry syrup or liqueur to mimic the jelly part of the combo for a fun twist. If that's too sweet for your taste, replacing the strawberry syrup with cranberry juice lends more tartness while keeping the fruity, sweet-yet-savory profile of the drink.

Or, try adding a couple of dashes of chocolate bitters to peanut butter whiskey to add a delicious cocoa flavor with a peanut butter cup vibe. If you're more of a fan of a whiskey sour, you can amplify that classic drink by mixing in some peanut butter whiskey, lemon juice, and simple syrup.

Coffee lovers might want to try a peanut butter espresso martini, made by mixing peanut butter whiskey with freshly brewed espresso and a little coffee liqueur. Or just keep things nice and simple, and add the spirit to a hot coffee, topping with cream, for a nutty and beautifully boozy take on an Irish coffee. You won't need any sugar, as the combination is sweet and delicious enough.