There's A Way To Cut Frozen Pizza With No Extra Dishes Required

Believe it or not, there's an art to cutting pizza. Although some recommend slicing it the second it's out of the oven, the biggest mistake you're making when cutting pizza is waiting until after it's cooked. That's right; the best time to divvy it up is while it's still frozen, which can easily be accomplished by breaking it on the edge of your kitchen counter while it's still in the plastic wrapping — no fancy pizza cutter required.


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This frozen pizza hack is certainly one way to make better pizza at home. All you have to do is position the frozen pie on the edge of your counter so that half of it is hanging off the side. Firmly hold the part that's on the counter while pushing down on the other section to quickly break the pizza in half — no utensils required. Then, turn the pizza and repeat the process so that you're left with four, ready-to-cook pieces.

Cut frozen pizza to cook smaller portions

One obvious perk of this cutting hack is that you won't have to clean any knives or pizza cutters after slicing your pie. However, its benefits extend far beyond avoiding dirty dishes. Cutting pizza while frozen allows you to easily portion the pie so that you can bake only what you need.

For example, bisecting the pizza lets you cook only one half, so you can rewrap the other section and place it back in the freezer to enjoy later. As a bonus, it will likely take less time to prepare a half or quarter portion of the pie, since the oven has less mass to warm up and cook through.

Frozen pizza generally lasts about 18 months; cooked pizza, on the other hand, is only good for about three to four days when stored in the refrigerator. So, cutting the pizza while frozen and only baking what you need will help ensure your leftover pizza lasts longer, and that any remaining slices won't have to go to waste.

The pizza will cook evenly, too

Aside from the advantage of extending the shelf life of your pizza, another great perk of cutting your pizza while it's still frozen is that it might bake more evenly. Depending on your pizza and the number of toppings it has, separating it into smaller pieces might actually allow for better heat distribution. Make sure to keep a close eye on it while it's cooking, but chances are you won't have to worry about your sectioned pie coming out with a soggy or mushy middle and an extremely crispy or burnt crust — or, even worse, a still icy-cold center.

Running your pizza cutter through your freshly baked pizza can also make your gooey cheese and other piping-hot toppings slide right off the pie or stick to the blade, making for a rather unappealing and sparsely topped pizza. By slicing up your pizza before you bake it, you can also help ensure you don't mess up any of your delicious and strategically placed toppings, allowing you to savor your slices just how you like them every time.