Turn Your Frozen Garlic Bread Into The Perfect Grilled Cheese

You can experiment with a grilled cheese sandwich in all sorts of ways, whether you're trying new cheese combinations, adding dried herbs, or using mayo instead of butter to achieve a crispy crust. For that matter, you could zhuzh up your grilled cheese even further by replacing the humble sandwich bread with mouth-watering garlic bread. Yes, please!

Of course, the easiest way to make grilled cheese with garlic bread is by using the frozen variety. All you have to do is take a couple of slices out of the freezer and place them either in an air fryer or a skillet. For the air fryer method, you'll want to cook the garlic bread by itself so it gets crispy before adding your cheeses, then cook the entire sandwich for a few additional minutes.

Conversely, with the skillet method, you can add cheese right away. As you can imagine, the skillet method involves pretty much the same steps as you would usually follow when making a regular grilled cheese sandwich. Easy peasy.

Turn your garlic bread grilled cheese into pizza

Why stop at simply using frozen garlic bread? You can further upgrade your grilled cheese sandwich by making a few more ingredient swaps. For instance, you can easily turn your garlic grilled cheese into a gooey pizza sandwich. Instead of using American cheese singles, opt for mozzarella and parmesan to complement the rich garlic flavor already present in the garlic bread.

If you want to really emphasize the pizza vibes, consider adding pizza sauce to your sandwich, or serving it on the side as a dipping sauce. Pizza sauce and the classic tomato soup pairing aren't too different, after all; pizza sauce is just thicker and typically contains more ingredients beyond pureed tomatoes and basic seasonings. You can serve this as a regular sandwich or open-faced, resembling a tiny personal pizza. If you choose the latter option, we recommend using an air fryer, as it will cook your garlic bread pizza more thoroughly than a skillet would.

Use garlic toast to amp up other classic sandwiches

Although using garlic bread to make grilled cheese or a pizza sandwich is already a winning move in our book, you can take the garlicky goodness a step further by using garlic bread for countless other sandwich creations. Continuing on an Italian-inspired train of thought, consider substituting garlic bread for regular bread the next time you make a meatball sandwich. Infuse Italian seasonings and/or garlic into your meatballs, top them with marinara, and you're headed to Flavor Town. Similarly, you could use garlic bread to craft the ultimate chicken parmesan sandwich. After all, why eat your chicken parm and garlic bread separately when you can combine them for a cheesy and crispy bite?

Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to Italian options with your garlic bread sandwiches. Instead, you could elevate a Philly cheesesteak, a French dip, or even your basic deli meat sandwich. Regardless of the recipe you choose, the garlic bread adds flavor and a certain crunch factor you won't get from regular sandwich bread. Best of all, this is an excellent way to satisfy your daily garlic bread craving while still being creative in the kitchen.