The Coquette Food Trend Ties Up Meals With A Literal Bow

The coquette aesthetic has been trending on TikTok lately, with Gen Z driving a penchant for decorating and feminizing items with accoutrements like pink bows or ribbons. Clothing- and fashion-related content accounts for a much of the over 1.3 billion views for "coquette aesthetic" videos on the social media platform. Food and drink, too, are now being influenced by the coquette style, which draws inspiration from feminine exemplars like Marie Antoinette and characters in the Netflix streaming show "Bridgerton," as well as Lana del Rey's music. Coquette reaching the world of cuisine is reminiscent of another female-driven trend, the girl dinner, which drew so much interest it resulted in fast food brands like Popeyes using it as a marketing tool.


it’s so coquette in here >.< #coquette #coquetteaesthetic #anniesmacandcheese

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Pink ribbons and bows have become the visually iconic elements of the coquette aesthetic, and are increasingly finding their way into food-related TikTok videos. Yes, creators are tying up their food with pink bows, such as cinnamon cookies and, in one slyly funny video posted by @folklaurlover, a bowl of macaroni. "It's so coquette in here," reads the caption on the video, which has garnered more than 3 million views in less than a week. Drinks have also been given a coquettish makeover, with predictably pink-hued results. 

How to garnish your cocktail in the coquette style

Who needs a garnish like a lemon, lime, or olive when you can instead coquette up your cocktails with a pink ribbon? That was the inspiration for a TikTok by @partiallyrosie, who wrote she was feeling "quite coquette" when she constructed this eye-catching beverage with ribbons wrapped around ice cubes. The TikTok video has received an eye-popping 17,000 plus comments in only a few days.

Of course, it bears noting that the coquette aesthetic doesn't provide much in the way of flavor, and ribbons are very much a non-edible garnish in the fashion of cocktail umbrellas. It's also a bit tricky trying to tie a bow on an ice cube. But for quick popularity on TikTok, coquette lifestyle videos are virtually unmatched. We mentioned the 1.3 billion views for #coquetteaesthetic videos, and the hashtag "coquette" has more than 13.5 billion video views. Those seeking more functional and delicious TikTok food trends, however, may consider making caramel apple boards or fluffy cottage cheese bread.