TikTok's Rosemary Hack For Mini Christmas Tree Cocktails

Maybe you're a party host on the hunt for cocktails to make for your next holiday party, or you're simply a Christmas lover who enjoys getting into the holiday spirit. If you're looking for ways to inject some more festivity into your holiday fun, chances are you'll find it on TikTok. Enter: the Christmas tree cocktail trend. 

Leave it to the hack-tastic, trend-worthy platform to come up with the most adorable way to Christmas-tize your holiday cocktails. Want to learn how to turn your holiday drink into its own tiny Christmas tree? There's a hack for that — and all you need to make it happen is a sprig of rosemary, a string, a glass, and some water.

By attaching a healthy sprig of rosemary to the inside of your cocktail glass and letting it freeze in place, you end up with a mini, makeshift Christmas tree in the middle of your glass, almost like a sippable snow globe. From there, you can simply pour in your cocktail of choice and enjoy a lovely Christmas scene of your own making.

How to transform your cocktail into a Christmas tree scene

There are just a few simple steps to follow to create this elevated version of your favorite Christmas cocktail, and a few tips to keep in mind along the way. Start with a large sprig of rosemary and position it in the middle of your cocktail glass. Use a piece of string, a ribbon, or a rubber band to tie and tape the top of the sprig to each side of the glass, keeping it in place. Then fill the bottom of your glass, about a quarter of the way up, with water.

This is where you can get creative — feel free to add a few other ingredients to what will become the ice in your glass, such as coconut syrup, edible glitter or gold, or shredded coconut to give it either a snowy or shiny effect. From there, just freeze the entire glass until the rosemary stays upright in a solid block of ice.

Remove the string, and your glass now contains a tiny Christmas tree scene that you can douse with your favorite cocktail. It's best to go for a drink that's clear or very light in color so that you can see the tree well through the liquid, and if you want to level things up even more, try dusting the rim of the glass in sugar.

What beverages to pair with your tiny Christmas tree

Not only do you want to stick to something that's see-through, but remember that the rosemary "tree" will scent and flavor your beverage — so you'll want to choose a drink or cocktail that this herb naturally compliments.

Sparkling water obviously works wonderfully, with the rosemary acting as a natural flavor infuser. But certain flavored sparkling waters, sodas, or seltzers would taste good too, such as lemon, grapefruit, or berry-flavored beverages.

As for cocktails, other sparkly-based drinks, like champagne or sparkling wine with cranberries, will work great with the rosemary and look pretty in the glass to complete the Christmas tree scene. If you're not into bubbly, other cocktails that would work well are a gin and tonic, a gimlet with gin or vodka, a lemon drop martini, a coconut margarita, or even frothy, fun egg white cocktails that are more clear in color, like a white lady or a white dragon.