Maxwell House Is Selling A Year's Supply Of Coffee For Under $100

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For anyone concerned about daily coffee habits becoming increasingly less affordable, there are a few clever ways to get your fill for less. At Starbucks, for example, coffee lovers can make the most of the chain's free drink refill policy. But, if you're looking for ways to save on supplies for an at-home Keurig coffee maker, Maxwell House just might have the deal for you. 

In preparation for 2024, the coffee house is releasing a Happy Brew Year Box on Amazon with a jumbo supply of K-cups providing a year's worth of coffee for just $95. The box holds 366 K-cup coffee pods of the medium-roast variety. If you do the math, that means you one cup of coffee a day, including Leap Day (February 29) for all of 2024. 

As Maxwell House noted in a press release announcing this super buy, the average American spends up to $1,100 on coffee every year and 68% of people like to make their coffee from home. So, investing in the Happy Brew Year Box could meet your daily caffeine desires while saving you a lot of money. 

A solid deal for coffee lovers

If you compare Maxwell House's Happy Brew Year Box to some other popular bulk coffee K-cup options on Amazon, the savings become even clearer. A 100-count K-cup box from CozyUp, for example, is $34, or $0.34 per cup. Over at Costco, members can buy a 120-cup box of Summit Roast K-cups for $37.99, or $0.32 per cup. Yet Maxwell's 366 K-cup box for $95 beats both, with each cup coming out to be $0.26, making it one of the better deals available on the market right now. 

Plus, Maxwell House's classic medium roast is a popular choice for an at-home cup of plain coffee. The coffee maker uses all Arabica beans (unlike other competitors that combine a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans), leading it to have twice the caffeine content. And, you can always use the double pod hack if you want to brew an even stronger cup of coffee. 

However, if you like variety in your morning mug of joe, just know that the Happy Brew Year Box only offers the one flavor (though that's not to say you can't mix it up with various milks, creamers, and sweeteners). With a bit of creativity and patience, you could save big with this coffee deal for the new year ahead.