The Double Pod Hack To Boost Keurig Coffee

There's no doubt that Keurig coffee machines are convenient, offering a quick way to start your day with freshly-brewed java (or even to make oatmeal). But, some people have found that the coffee it produces isn't always strong enough. However, before giving up on the machine altogether, there's a trick you may want to try. 

Doubling up on your Keurig pods and selecting a lower-ounce setting might make the brew more potent. This trick works because running less water through more coffee grounds will give the drink more kick. Of course, this means you may run through your pods quicker, but it may be a solid sacrifice if it's what you need to properly wake up and enjoy your morning mug every day.

If it's more caffeine you want in your cup of coffee, one rule of thumb to always remember, regardless of method, is that adding more water to a brew will inevitably dilute the caffeine. That's why a shot of espresso will get you significantly more buzzed than a regular cup of coffee, even using the same amount of grounds. And it's also why this double pod trick works since you'll increase the amount of coffee grounds and use less water with the smaller ounce setting. 

How to properly double your K-cups

To get a stronger cup of coffee using two Keuring pods, you'll want to do a full brew cycle once, then discard the K-cup, insert another one, and brew again into the same mug. Just remember to step down from the normal amount of ounces you usually have your machine set to. So, if you normally set your Keurig to brew 12 ounces, brew for 6 ounces each round instead. You'll still get the same amount of coffee (12 ounces) but the drink will be double strength.

It also helps to know that additional factors that can affect the strength of coffee are brewing time, water temperature, and the type of roast. For this reason, you may want to buy pods labeled as "extra bold," since they come with more coffee than the average K-cup. (In truth, lighter roasts typically make stronger coffee, but the thicker density of the beans means that they also need more time to roast to get the full effect. Since Keurig machines run on a quicker brew time, light roasts are not ideal for a more potent roast). Fresher coffee will also be stronger, too, so check the expiration date of your pods before you use them as well.

More things to keep in mind about K-cups

The honest truth is that, even though K-cups may be convenient, they're just never going to brew coffee with the same level of caffeine and kick as more traditional methods like a French press, a manual pour-over device, or a stovetop percolator. Even mechanized options like a drip coffee maker or a Nespresso will yield much stronger results than Keurigs. 

The use of plastic K-cups is also tough on the environment, meaning Keurigs aren't a very eco-friendly option (some have even called for coffee pods to be banned for this reason). So, if you are going for this double pod trick, you might want to be mindful of the waste it will produce and plan to recycle the cups. While the whole pod itself isn't recyclable, you can do so if you separate the different components.

But, the absolute best way to ensure you have a tasty, strong, and environmentally-conscious cup of coffee is to buy a reusable K-cup, available from both Keurig and third-party sellers. These allow you to use your own coffee grounds so you can ensure the drink will also be fresh without wasting any hard-to-recycle material. This way you can have more control over how much coffee you're making as well, since you're not beholden to the specifications of a pre-made K-cup. And, if you ever feel like you need more, you can always refill your cup back up again with another dose.