There's A Right Way To Order Steamed Milk At Starbucks

Just like you can order a drink in a multitude of ways at Starbucks, you can order steamed milk in a number of ways as well — either plain, as part of a coffee or non-coffee beverage, or as part of your own customized handcrafted espresso drink. But, you might not get exactly what you had in mind unless you use the Starbucks drink ordering code.

For instance, if you ask a barista simply for a drip coffee and steamed milk, they may assume you're referring to a Caffe Misto, a one-to-one ratio of drip coffee and steamed milk. While this drink may suffice, you should know that it also costs about $0.70 more than if you ordered your drip coffee and steamed milk using the proper Starbucks code.

Instead, you may want to specifically ask for a grande drip coffee with steamed milk. Ordering your drink this particular way helps you save a few coins since you can get any Starbucks drink with up to 4 ounces of milk, free of charge. 

This ordering hack applies to all types of milks at Starbucks

It should be noted you can order your drink in this way at Starbucks with regular dairy or non-dairy. Even though Starbucks has been criticized for its plant-based milk upcharging, you can add up to 4 ounces of plant-based milk to your drink without being charged an additional fee. But, bear in mind that you'll still be hit with an upcharge if you ask to swap in a plant-based milk for more than that quantity.

If you're wondering, yes, plant-based milks are viable options for ordering steamed milk with your drip coffee. Some, like oat milk, are super creamy and mirror the taste and feel of regular dairy. Just be sure to order your drink using the Starbucks code, so in this example, a grande drip coffee with steamed oat milk.

Phrasing your request this way not only helps the barista understand what you'd like, but also ensures you include all modifications up front so there's no chance of getting the wrong drink.

Ordering steamed milk only works in-person

Mobile ordering is a game changer for busy people just looking to get a quick coffee on their way to work. However, there are a number of Starbucks drinks you shouldn't mobile order. One of them, as you might have guessed, is anything with steamed milk.

While you can mobile order a cup of straight-up steamed milk since it's a menu item, the Starbucks app sadly does not allow the option for adding steamed milk to other drinks. In other words, you can specify the kind of milk you'd like, but beyond choosing from dairy and plant-based options, you can't say you'd also like that milk to be steamed and added as a topper.

To order such a drink, your best bet is to go in-person. It may seem like a lot of effort for a drip coffee with steamed milk, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to save some money these days.