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Make your own dairy-free oat milk today.

Chef Christina Lecki at the Reynard in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, has taken the oat milk trend into her own hands, making the stuff in-house to go with the restaurant’s homemade cereal. Of the dairy-free alternative, Lecki says that it’s healthier in some ways than the traditional stuff.

“Oat Milk is heartier than traditional milks, but it’s equally as refreshing — it contains more protein than dairy milk, which helps keep you fuller for longer. We are now serving it with our house-made puff cereal, topped with berries and cocoa nibs. I think the added flavors of our Oat Milk give the dish additional dimension — you’re not just eating cereal anymore, you’re consuming something much more nurturing. Oat Milk isn’t too difficult to make either, so you can create it at home to accompany your favorite cereals or granolas, fruits, or in a glass, straight up, for a nice boost.”