How To Portion Out Pizzas For 20 Very Hungry Friends

It doesn't get much better than a pizza party. Whether for a birthday, a sports event, or simply a Friday night, few things in life are as enjoyable as being surrounded by friends with a plate of bready, cheesy goodness in front of you. However, hosting a pizza party isn't just fun and games — you'll need to do some math to ensure everyone has enough to eat. Fortunately, there's an easy ratio to help you perfectly portion out pizzas.

This is known as the ⅜ pizza rule, which relies on the generalization that most people will eat three slices of pizza, and that most pizzas are cut into eight slices. To calculate the number of pizzas needed, simply take the number of guests and multiply it by ⅜, then round up to the nearest whole number. For instance, if you're planning to host 20 hungry friends, you should order approximately eight pizzas.

Don't forget about toppings and sides

The quantity of pizza needed to feed 20 very hungry friends also depends on the pizza toppings and the presence of side dishes. A pizza topped with rich ingredients like sausage or burrata will likely be more filling than a classic cheese pizza. Additionally, if you have a variety of snacks such as bowls of chips or nuts, guests might fill up on these as well.

Don't forget to consider any dietary restrictions among your guests, so having some dairy-free or vegetarian options available may be wise. For guests with gluten allergies, a caprese salad can be a delightful way to enjoy the traditional toppings of a Margherita pizza without the bread. If you're looking to add something light and sweet while staying on theme, consider making a watermelon pizza. (Here, rather than sticking with the ⅜ pizza rule, you can assume most guests will probably only want one or two triangle slices.)

It's not just about feeding a crowd

Make things easier on yourself by ordering from your favorite local pizzeria instead of using your small kitchen oven to heat frozen or homemade pizzas. This approach allows you to relax with your guests and enjoy your pizza while it's still hot. It also frees up some time for you to have fun preparing drinks for your gathering. With all those salty, cheesy pizza slices, having several drink options is a great idea!

Before the party, ensure you chill a few carafes of water and stock up on plenty of ice. If possible, offer two types of flavored beverages, including a non-alcoholic option. You can prepare both drinks in advance of your guests' arrival and serve them from pitchers or large bowls. For an alcohol-free choice, consider homemade ginger ale. For guests desiring something boozy and bubbly, opt for fizzy batch cocktails.