Don't Knock Pickle Juice Margaritas Before You Try Them

Though your initial reaction to the mention of a pickle juice margarita might be to pull a face and say, "no thanks," take a moment to really think about it. Margaritas offer citrusy liquors, a punch of tequila, and a salted rim.

Meanwhile, pickle juice is salty, tangy, and a little bit savory, sometimes giving a bit of a kick to your senses. The juice from dill pickles is more sour, while that from sweet pickles is, well, sweeter. As such, pickle juice can easily complement or emphasize the flavors of a margarita, while adding new notes from various brining spices.

What's more, using pickle juice in margaritas (or any cocktail, for that matter) is a great way to ensure that the leftover pickle juice doesn't go to waste if you don't plan to use it for making more pickles. Rather than throwing away that jar of juice, save it for your next cocktail party, and impress your guests with zestier-than-usual drinks.

How to use pickle juice in your homemade cocktails

Pickle juice's varied flavor notes make it a complementary addition to countless cocktails. You can easily make your own pickle juice margarita at home by adding a dash of pickle juice to a classic or even a spicy margarita recipe. Instead of topping the drink with a slice of citrus, consider using a slice of pickle. Fun, right?

You can also create a new variation of the bloody mary by adding dill pickle juice to the tomato juice for extra zing. Since this drink is already salty and savory, pickle juice is the perfect addition to really heighten the bloody mary's flavors. Top your bloody mary with a slice of pickle, and you're good to go.

Of course, if you're looking for a quick pickle juice drink, try a tequila shot. Pickle juice and tequila are a harmonious pairing, so when mixed in equal amounts, they create a real kicker of a shot. Salt the rim of the shot glass, and that pickle brine will shine.

Will pickle juice prevent or treat a hangover?

We've all heard the rumor that pickle juice can treat or even prevent a hangover, so could adding this brine to your cocktail be the perfect solution? On one hand, pickle juice contains potassium and sodium, two electrolytes that help you retain water. Theoretically, easing dehydration could alleviate some hangover symptoms.

That being said, the small amounts of electrolytes in pickle juice are unlikely to be very effective if you aren't also drinking water. After all, water is the true hero against hangovers. According to Healthline, dehydration causes most hangover symptoms, such as headaches and fatigue. Staying hydrated by drinking water is one of the most crucial steps for mitigating hangovers.

So, while adding pickle juice to your cocktail could help stabilize your electrolytes, it's only part of the solution. If anything, let the heavy salt content in your pickle juice cocktail be a reminder to drink more water throughout the night. Your future self will appreciate it.