Margarita Gift Sets Every 21-Year-Old Needs According To Reviews

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When it comes to birthdays, there's no better way to celebrate being 21 than with a good cocktail. More specifically, there's no better way to celebrate than with a good tequila-based cocktail ... especially a margarita! The perfect blend of tangy, sweet, salty, and sour, margaritas tick all the boxes when it comes to what makes a great adult beverage. They're fun; they're tasty; they're strong, and wonderfully versatile. 

You can make giant party-sized frozen margaritas with a standard grocery store mixer. You can make exotic margaritas featuring unusual fruits and juices. Or you can make high end margaritas based around limited edition spirits, imported salts, and the highest quality add-ons available. The possibilities are truly endless!

And margarita gift sets offer the perfect way to celebrate all that a margarita has to offer. Most of these baskets contain everything you need to make an out of this world margarita, from mixers and various salts to individual tools of the trade — like fancy glasses and lemon zesters, both of which can greatly help you to perfect your margarita game. All of them promise a delicious and intoxicating margarita-making experience (both literally and figuratively!). 

Here are the margarita gift sets we chose, and that we're sure every 21-year-old will love!

How we made our selections

In putting together this roundup of our favorite margarita gift sets, we looked at a number of different factors, all of which help to deliver the most incredible — and tasty — margarita experience possible. We of course perused the variety of flavors and quality of ingredients used within the products in each of the sets. We also looked at value and what your hard earned dollars would be buying. But perhaps even more importantly, we evaluated the reviews and reputation of the products (and the companies) that we we're championing. Having scrutinized what other people said in their product reviews, making sure the sets we selected had ringing endorsements and were well liked by consumers, with top marks for quality, ease of use, and enjoyment. 

Finally, we looked at what the experts are saying in the press and online. What products are they most excited by, and what gift options garners the most love in the cocktail world — along with what's popular and being reviewed by consumers.

Williams Sonoma: Best Bar Novice Gift Set

One of the best things about margaritas is that whatever style of the cocktail you choose to make, the ingredients and formula used behind the bar are always basically the same. To craft this iconic drink, start by combining 2 ounces of tequila, 1 ounce of triple sec, and 1 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice. Shake those ingredients vigorously in a shaker with ice, strain, and serve — voila, instant margarita!

From that basic recipe, you can then substitute the triple sec for agave nectar, different fruit juices, or even Grand Marnier. You can add herbs or spices. You can experiment with smoked salt rims, and so much more! And the Williams Sonoma Margarita Duo with Salt Gift Set is the perfect way to up your margarita game.

Each gift set includes a custom-blended pair of organic mixers along with two premium rimming salts. Both the Organic Lime Margarita Mixer and Organic Mango Margarita Mixer are made with all-natural fruit juice plus a hint of agave syrup for just the right level of sweetness, whether you serve your "marg" on the rocks, blended, or straight up.

For a savory margarita, finish your drink with the Pacific sea salt based classic rim. Or for something a little sweeter, indulge in the Lime Rim salt which combines salt, cane sugar, and lime for an almost candy-like finish of your tequila-based masterpiece.

Buy the Williams Sonoma Margarita Duo with Salt Gift Set at Williams Sonoma for $39.86. 

Williams Sonoma: Best Exotic Flavor Gift Set

The Casamigos Cocktail Gift Set, also available from Williams Sonoma, is another incredible pairing that's perfect for margarita lovers whose tastes run a bit more to the exotic side. Born from a partnership with an award-winning darling of the spirits industry, Casamigos — which was created by Hollywood royalty George Clooney and Rande Gerber (Mr. Cindy Crawford) — the gift set includes a mixer made with a combination of fresh blackberries and basil (perfect for pairing with the smokiness of mezcal) plus the company's signature lime and agave mixer, which follows an artisan recipe and is made in small batches to ensure incredible flavor. 

Rounding out the gift set, you'll also find a pink Himalayan riming salt as well as "Salty Sweet" orange cocktail rimmer that combines cane sugar, extra-coarse Oregon sea salt and potent dried flakes of orange peel.

Whip up one or two of these margaritas and pair them with a slow-roasted Saucy Birria Taco (made with goat meat!) for an evening feast that tastes just like you stepped off the streets and into the heart of Mexico City.

Purchase the Casamigos Cocktail Gift Set from Williams Sonoma for $56.95. Best Quirky Gift Set

Looking for something a little more "bro?" For stereotypical gamers, gym rats, and sports guys alike, the Margarita Crate gift set from is an ideal choice. The fun of the kit starts with picking out exactly which kind of crate you want, and determining exactly how hard you want it to be to open. The "Money Crate" is the easiest option and comes with a screwdriver while the "hard" crate comes with it's own handy crowbar — and may even require use of a hammer as well! (You can also buy unsealed crates you glue together later, if you want to augment the crate with your own additions.)

Crates come wrapped in the "Duct Tape" gift wrapping of your choice. You can also add optional "Candy packs," "Jerky Sacks," and "Nut Sacks." But even without those add-ons, the standard crate is pretty well stacked on its own. It includes a whopping 67 ounces of delicious Margaritaville margarita mix, a pair of heavy duty plastic glasses, a traditional cocktail shaker and universal jigger set, plus a massive ice cube tray, perfect for making monster cubes that are sure to keep any rocks margarita chilled to perfection.

Purchase the Margarita Crate gift set from for $134.95.

The Craft Connections Co. Store: Best Fully Loaded Gift Set

Like the all-inclusive vibe of a gift crate but maybe looking for something a bit more female friendly? If so, the Margarita Cocktail Kit from The Craft Connections Co. Store might be right up your alley. Containing a set of rocks glasses, classic cocktail shaker and jigger, citrus squeezer, recipe cards plus Rokz "lime infused" margarita salt, the set provides all the essentials you need to make a great margarita — just add the mixers and booze!

And speaking of booze, if you're still not exactly sure where to start in selecting a good tequila, take heart. Even though your local liquor store might be teeming with different types of the Mexican "fire water," picking the right one for your margarita is easier than you might think. In general, just remember that blanco or silver tequilas tend to be best for mixed drinks, including whatever type of margarita you might be planning. These tequilas are the youngest and have spent the least time aging in oak, so they have a stronger and more "pure" flavor of tequila alone. (They also tend to be the most affordable.)

Reposado, Gold, and Añejo tequilas are all older and have been aged significantly longer. They have more woody oak flavor and more of a golden color. They're also better for sipping and enjoying on their own, rather than mixing into a cocktail like a margarita. One reviewer said, "Great presentation! Love the product."

Grab the Margarita Cocktail Kit from The Craft Connections Co. Store on Amazon for $59.98.

LAVA Craft Cocktail Co.: Best Overall Mixer Gift Set

Already got all the shakers and bar tools you need? Good! Sometimes, the best gift sets are the simplest. In this case, if you're looking for something a little more elevated and refined than the sugary premade mixers available in your local liquor store, consider the Margarita Gift Set 3-Pack from California's LAVA Craft Cocktail Co. Creators of some of the best pre-made mixers in the United States — including an incredible premium cinnamon and spice Old Fashion mix and authentic Michelada mix — LAVA's mixers are all hand-crafted with real fruits, agave nectar (in place of sugar or corn syrup), fresh limes and peppers, and they never contain any added artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Your DIY gift 3-pack can include your choice of the company's signature Jalapeño margarita mix which is bursting with the potent pairing of jalapeño and lime; the lower calorie "Skinny" margarita mix; the decadent and fresh berry infused strawberry margarita mix; or the exquisite spicy watermelon and habanero margarita mix which features just the right mix of sweet plus heat to satisfy even your strongest margarita cravings.

Buy the Margarita Gift Set 3-Pack from California's LAVA Craft Cocktail Co. for $45.99.

Palisades Canyon: Best Higher End Gift Set

For another wonderful gift basket that's outside the norm — and combines flavors and high quality products you don't always see day-to-day — consider the Margarita Gift Basket from specialty gift basket makers Palisades Canyon. The California-based company prides itself on creating meaningful, personalized gift baskets for all sorts of special occasions — including, yes, 21-year-old birthdays! — and their margarita gift basket doesn't disappoint. One reviewer said, "Just wanted to tell you my daughter loved her box of sunshine!"

Packed in a stylish and eco-friendly gift box, the set includes a pair of charming handmade glasses, an artisan bottle of citrus agave margarita mixer, dried orange slices — perfect for a snack, garnish, or for working into your cocktail — plus spicy lime chili salt. All you need is the ice and tequila. 

(Once you've finished your margaritas, there's plenty more to explore — Palisades Canyon also offers similar gift baskets built around holiday nightcaps, Old Fashioned, hot chocolate, and more, each of which is as good as the last!)

Buy the Margarita Gift Basket from specialty gift basket makers Palisades Canyon for $105.

CasaTomatal: Best Artisan Gift Set

Maybe you're the traditional kind, or maybe you're shopping for a 21-year-old who is. In that case, a "fancy" high-end margarita gift set might seem to go against all the old charm and heritage that makes Mexico's favorite drink so beloved. If this sounds familiar, CasaTomatal has created just the Margarita Cocktail Kit you've been looking for.

Available via Etsy, the "one-of-a-kind Farmhouse Barware Drink set" includes a Mexican Cantatrito Margarita Natural Clay Cup that's hand painted, along with a matching coaster, recipe card, stainless steel mixing spoon, and straw. And, to round out the set, you also get a variety of traditional Mexican spices and seasonings, perfect for creating a traditional margarita to serve in your brand new traditional clay cup! A reviewer said, "I bought it as a gift for my mother and I think she will absolutely love it!" Another said, "Love the item so much!"

Fun fact: The history of clay drinking vessels dates back to Mexico's Aztec population, with records of clay cups and pottery tracing back more than 3,500 years. Oddly enough, the earliest versions of tequila were created at right around the same point in history. Coincidence? You be the judge!

Buy the Margarita Cocktail Kit from CasaTomatal on Etsy for $21.56.

Thoughtfully: Best Gift Set for Sugar Lovers

Sometimes, all you want with a good cocktail is a no hassle way to chill out and relax. And Thoughtfully's Fiesta Margarita! provides just that — an easy, no mess way to create delicious margaritas in a flash. Simply pour one of the single serving pre-made mixers into a glass, add a shot of tequila and some ice, and your margarita is ready to go! No measuring, no mess ... just delicious, fruity, margarita goodness!

Perfect for summer or anytime, flavors in the kit include Original Lime, Strawberry, Mango, Peach, and Pink Grapefruit. Along with all these mixers, the gift set also includes a pair of bubble glass tumblers (green and turquoise, of course!) plus margarita inspired gummy candies from Sugarfina. Once you have your margarita in hand, just sit back and enjoy a handful of each: Island Pineapple gummies (made with real pineapple purée) and non-alcoholic Tequila Grapefruit Sours. Talk about a perfect way to unwind!

(For individuals looking for a slightly less indulgent, sugar-packed option, Thoughtfully also offers a "Skinny Margarita" gift set featuring a lower calorie, low sugar mixer plus an entire line of Mix and Match individual Skinny cocktail mixers — just add alcohol!) 

Buy Thoughtfully's Fiesta Margarita! gift pack at Knack Shops for $85.

Nestor Liquor: Best Party Gift Set

How does a gallon of margaritas sound to you? If that idea gets your mouth watering, then Nestor Liquor's Margarita Cocktail Gift Basket may be just what you've been craving. Packed inside your choice of either a large wooden crate or an actual oak barrel, the kit includes everything you need to truly get the party started. You'll find a 750 milliliter bottle of Casamigos Blanco tequila (perfect for margaritas straight up or on the rocks); an 8 ounce bottle of Filthy brand margarita mix (despite the name, the product is all natural and contains just water, lime, and blue agave nectar); and 2 (50 milliliter) bottles of Cointreau.

To round out your full fledged party experience in barrel form, you also get a pack of Jose Cuervo rimming salt, a specialty margarita cocktail shaker, and a bag of Dirty Jalapeño potato chips. 

(Since it's never a good idea to down that much alcohol on an empty stomach, no matter what your age, we also recommend whipping up a little something extra to munch on, like Oaxacan Grilled Pork Fajitas. Ready in less than an hour, this traditional-style feast includes melt-in-your-mouth marinated, baked pork shoulder and grilled veggies, all served up in fluffy warm flour tortillas plus an optional drizzle of Mexican crema and fresh lime. Yum!

Nestor Liquor's Margarita Cocktail Gift Basket for $149.99.

Walmart: Best Value Gift Set

Margarita gift sets are such a growing trend that even big box retailers like Walmart have gotten in on the act, offering their own versions. And Walmart's Margarita Fiesta Gift Set definitely doesn't disappoint! Produced by The Modern Gourmet, the gift set includes everything you need for a great weeknight or weekend fiesta. One reviewer said, "A truly delightful gift — fun in a box!"

It includes a surprisingly fiery Spicy margarita mixer, two different rimming salts (traditional lime plus a chile-infused salt) and a recipe booklet offering several different takes on ways to make an incredible spicy margarita. To round things out, you'll also find two one-of-a-kind cocktail tumblers made from recycled glass.

And since it's never margarita night without snacks, the gift set also includes an avocado slicer and guacamole seasoning so you can make your own side of guac — serving bowl included — as well as chipotle and cayenne hot sauces for packing even more spice into your meal. Once you've got your tortilla chips and guac laid out, why not pair them with some easy homemade queso dip as well? All you need is three ingredients and 10 minutes and you've got instant ooey, gooey queso, ready to serve. It's the perfect complement to any spicy marg!

Grab the Margarita Fiesta Gift Set at Walmart for $25.45.

Harry & David: Best Mocktail Gift Set

Maybe you don't drink. Or maybe you have a health condition where you're unable to have alcohol. If that's the case, there's still no reason you can't enjoy the wonderful tart, tang a good margarita has to offer. And that's where uber-popular retailer Harry & David steps in. Their Mocktails Mockarita 4-pack is the ideal gift set for anyone who enjoys margaritas but wants them without the tequila, in a delicious non-alcoholic form. 

The H&D Mockarita combines the bright, fresh flavors of lime and orange zest plus bitter, tropical acacia and quinine — the same stuff that gives tonic water its bite. Mixed together, these ingredients provide a wonderfully tart and complex drink that's so close to a margarita, you won't even notice the missing alcohol. Just pop a can, pour over ice, and serve.

And since no margarita is the same without a good garnish — including a Mockarita — the gift set also comes with a package of crispy dried lime slices, perfect for adding even more flavor and flair to your already tasty mocktail. 

Buy the Mocktails Mockarita 4-pack from Harry & David for $39.99. Best All-Inclusive Gift Set

Finally, when it comes to great margarita gift sets, it would be a shame not to feature at least one that truly celebrates the culinary bounty that a good Mexican fiesta can include. And the Chippin' Dippin' and Margarita Sippin' the Day Away gift basket from does all that and then some.

The gift basket begins with a bottle of premade Baja Lime margaritas from Flybird. You also get an additional bottle of margarita mixer from Wood Stove Kitchen — perfect for round two of drinks once your first margaritas are gone.

And to keep the party going, the basket also includes super crisp and salty Jalapeño Lime Grain Free Tortilla Chips from Siete, a selection of cheddar and queso cheeses from Mountain View Farms, homemade guacamole mix, Sriracha "Cheese Straws" (which are more like a spicy, cheese-flavored cracker), Mexican Chocolate Cha-Chas (decadent chocolate candies made with notes of cinnamon and cayenne), and plenty of fresh avocados and limes!

It's a literal party in a basket. Just turn on some music, dim the lights, and let the margaritas flow. Salud!

Buy the Chippin' Dippin' and Margarita Sippin' the Day Away gift basket from for $159.99.