Jack Daniel's Gift Sets To Warm Whiskey Lovers Through The Holidays

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There are few whiskey brands as recognizable and beloved as Jack Daniel's. While many aficionados dismiss Jack for its lack of complexity, that doesn't take away from the fact that it's a quality Tennessee whiskey. Plus, it's a superb introduction to the world of whiskey that got many of those same connoisseurs into the spirit in the first place. I should know, because I'm one of them.

As someone who's spent most of their career in the bar industry, I'm a firm believer that just because a drink or brand is well-known and mass-produced, that doesn't mean it should be overlooked when it's clear so many people love it for a reason. Few products manage to stay alive and well for 150 years without good cause.

Jack Daniels' universality and consistency make it an excellent present for whiskey lovers and newcomers alike, especially as there's no shortage of gift sets available that contain unique branded items. For the most part, Jack Daniel's is relatively inexpensive, which means that while you can find premium gift sets at a higher price point, there are also plenty of fantastic budget options and stocking fillers around.

How we chose our Jack Daniel's gift sets

Before we jump in and take a look at our favorite Jack Daniel's gift sets for the upcoming holiday season, I want to give you full disclosure on how I've selected and reviewed these products.

One of the benefits of the fame of Jack Daniel's is that their huge assortment of gift sets allows for a lot of crossover. By that, I mean that not all of these gift sets come with actual whiskey, instead containing branded items that have a greater appeal beyond the whiskey itself — or they include food inspired (or flavored) by Jack Daniel's. The selection of gift sets below aims to make the most of this diverse offering, and they've been chosen to appeal to a wide range of recipients with different tastes and interests.

I have personally tried and tested all of the Jack Daniel's whiskeys that do appear in the gift sets that are packaged with liquor, and I'm familiar with some of the non-alcoholic consumable products as well. For the items I haven't tested — for example, some of the foods or maybe a specific Jack Daniel's hip flask — I've referred to trusted customer reviews from the retailers' websites to guarantee their quality, cross-referencing these reviews from multiple retailers wherever possible for accuracy.

Best overall gift set: Jack Daniel's Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar

Growing up, one of the most exciting things about the lead-up to the holidays is that excitement each morning as you get to peel back the door of your advent calendar for another treat as you count off one more day. While Jack Daniel's is hardly the first company to tap into that joy by making an advent calendar for adults, theirs is arguably one of the best, especially for hardcore whiskey fans.

Behind each door of the Jack Daniel's Holiday Advent Calendar, you'll either find a miniature of Jack Daniel's Old No.7, Jack Daniel's Honey, Jack Daniel's Fire, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Rye, Gentleman Jack, Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select, or a premium branded shot glass. While these annual releases usually sell out fairly quickly, it's not uncommon to find a previous year's calendar up for grabs online. These are generally more expensive than the initial retail price, but there's no discernible difference between the calendars apart from the box design, and the look on the face of the lucky giftee will be worth every cent.

Purchase Jack Daniel's Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar at Del Mesa Liquor for $249.99. 

You can also buy the Jack Daniel's Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar at Cask Cartel for $239.99.

Best Gentleman Jack gift set: Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack with Sour Mix

One of the defining features of Tennessee whiskeys like Jack Daniel's is that they undergo the Lincoln County Process — a production technique where the whiskey is filtered through maple charcoal before aging. The resulting whiskey is mellower, and Gentleman Jack benefits from a second filtration, making it even smoother than Old No. 7.

While silky Gentleman Jack is superb neat or on the rocks, the Gentleman Jack with Sour Mix gift set also includes a bottle of Jack Daniel's very own Whiskey Sour mix. The set is perfect for anyone who loves cocktails without the fuss — they can simply shake 2 ounces of each together with ice, and add an egg white if they're after that beautifully frothy texture.

Purchase Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack with Sour Mix gift set at Total Wine & More for $27.99.

Best liqueur gift set: Jack Daniel's Honey Gift Set

In 2011, Jack Daniel's released its first new product since Gentleman Jack launched in 1988, the wonderfully smooth Jack Daniel's Honey liqueur. Made using real honey blended with genuine Jack Daniel's No. 7 whiskey, Honey is rich with a nutty finish, and perfect neat or as an ingredient in a plethora of mixed drinks or cocktails, making it one of the distillery's best liqueurs.

While a bottle on its own is certainly not a bad gift, there's a gift set available that has the added touch of two bee-branded Jack Daniel's Honey rocks glasses to impress the lucky beneficiary.

Purchase Jack Daniel's Honey Gift Set at Walmart for $22.98.

Buy Jack Daniel's Honey Gift Set at Craft City for $28.79.

Or grab Jack Daniel's Honey Gift Set at The Booze Outlet for $34.99.

Best single barrel gift set: Jack Daniels Single Barrel 3-Pack Gift Set

If you've got a purist in your life who gets particular about the whiskey they drink, it's not unfair to say they might not feel Jack Daniel's standard expression meets their usual tastes. However, this sampler set of the distillers' oft-overlooked single barrel whiskeys is guaranteed to have them questioning any previous reservations.

This set includes three 375 milliliter single barrel bottles of Jack Daniel's single barrel Rye, Select, and Barrel Proof whiskeys which are all fantastic in their own right. Given the higher price point of the Single Barrel series, this set is a perfect sampler for someone wanting to try something new before committing to a full-sized bottle.

Purchase Jack Daniel's Single Barrel 3-Pack Gift Set at Total Wine for $92.99.

Best BBQ lovers gift set: Jack Daniel's BBQ Favorites Gift Bag

The Jack Daniel's BBQ Favorites Gift Bag is a must-buy for grill fanatics, containing a 1 pound bag of JD smoking pellets, a bottle of their BBQ sauce, a pot of Historic Lynchburg Barbecue Seasoning & Rub, and a branded Jack Daniels' grill spatula.

While the flavored smoke pellets are a little potent and should be mixed into a larger portion of regular smoke pellets, they result in a fantastic southern BBQ-style flavor that complements both the sauce and seasoning. In conjunction or individually, all three products impart grilled delights with Jack Daniel's very best characteristics of nuanced honey, spice, and a well-balanced sweetness.

Purchase Jack Daniel's BBQ Favorites Gift Bag at The Whiskey Cave for $54.99.

Best gift set for musicians: Jack Daniel's 155th Anniversary Guitar Case

Quite possibly the best gift you can find for guitar-playing whiskey lovers, the Jack Daniels 155th Anniversary Guitar Case might not fit a real guitar inside it, but that doesn't mean its contents aren't a sight to behold. Inside the high-quality leatherette case, you'll find a uniquely labeled bottle of Jack Daniel's classic No. 7 whiskey, along with a premium metal guitar headstock bottle stopper and a special card to include your own festive message.

The price point is justifiable on the high side, and the only trick Jack Daniel's missed here is not swapping out the whiskey for one of their more unique single barrel expressions.

Purchase Jack Daniel's 155th Anniversary Guitar Case at Whisky Liquor Store for $189.99.

Best coffee lovers gift set: Jack Daniel's Coffee Gift Set

For whiskey fans who enjoy their daily caffeine kick, the Jack Daniel's Coffee Gift Set features the distiller's very own twist on coffee. Along with a heavy-duty branded mug, the gift set also comes with a limited edition tin containing 8.8 ounces of (non-alcoholic) pre-ground Jack Daniels-infused arabica coffee.

Described by one reviewer as "very smooth and not bitter ..." Another happy customer said, "This coffee is delicious! If you are looking for something different, give this a try." The coffee itself has a bold Jack Daniel's aroma and a more subtle flavor with hints of caramel and vanilla. Some buyers feel it's a little overpriced on its own, so it works nicely as a gift with the mug included.

Purchase Jack Daniel's Coffee Gift Set at Nashville Souvenirs for $29.99.

Buy Jack Daniel's Coffee at Amazon for $23.47 (excluding mug).

Best stocking filler gift set: Jack Daniel's Coaster Set

It's true, sometimes the best gifts come in small packages — and if you're looking for a stand-out stocking filler or Secret Santa present, the Jack Daniel's Coaster Set is the perfect pick. While there are plenty of variants, our favorite is this set of four non-slip PVC rubber coasters that wouldn't look out of place in a real bar.

One Amazon reviewer notes that "These are the perfect item or gift for any Jack Daniel's fan!" Others commented on high quality and durability. Some feel that they're a little on the expensive side, but most agree they're great value for the money.

Purchase Jack Daniel's Coaster Set from Jack Daniel's for $14.95.

Grab Jack Daniel's Coaster Set at Nashville Souvenirs for $19.95.

Or buy Jack Daniel's Coaster Set at Amazon for $19.99.

Best flask gift set: Jack Daniel's Barrel Flask Gift Set

Aside from a bottle of whiskey, there are few better gifts for a whiskey fan than a reliable hip flask, especially one with a unique design and that pays homage to their favorite tipple. While there are plenty of Jack Daniel's hip flask gift sets around, our favorite has to be the stainless steel Barrel Flask set.

Aside from the 6-ounce Jack Daniel's whiskey barrel-shaped flask, the set also includes two barrel-shaped stainless steel shot glasses, and a handy funnel to make filling the flask a whole lot easier. While one reviewer remarked that they were "expecting it to be a top quality, heavy-duty flask," another said, "My husband loves his whiskey, and loves this flask set!" and didn't see the lighter design as an issue.

Purchase Jack Daniel's Barrel Flask Gift Set at Amazon for $45.00.

Or pick up Jack Daniel's Barrel Flask Gift Set at Walmart for $71.94.

Best cigar gift set: Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Humidor Gift Set

For some, nothing pairs better with a glass of rich and oaky whiskey than a quality cigar, making the Jack Daniel's Single Barrel & Crosby Humidor Gift Set an unbeatable gift. Not only does it come with a bottle of the delicious Single Barrel Select whiskey with an option for a custom bottle engraving, but it also includes a customizable cigar humidor. Inside the humidor is a selection of five premium cigars from the likes of The Griffins and Camacho for the lucky recipient to enjoy as they sip their excellent Tennessee whiskey.

While this gift set doesn't come cheap, especially if you go for both customization options, it's truly unbeatable for a cigar lover who appreciates the finer things in life.

Purchase Jack Daniel's Single Barrel & Crosby Humidor Gift Set at Spirited Gifts for $163 (excluding engraving).

Best miniatures selection gift set: Jack Daniel's Miniature Whiskey Gift Set

While the Jack Daniel's holiday calendar might be the ultimate sampler selection, their Miniature Whiskey Gift Set is a great alternative at a fraction of the cost. Although there are no shot glasses or Tennessee Rye minis, the gift set still includes one each of five different Jack Daniel's expressions — Jack Daniel's Old No.7, Jack Daniel's Honey, Jack Daniel's Fire, Gentleman Jack, and the premium Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select.

According to reviewers – tasty whiskey aside – one of the best parts of the Jack Daniel's Miniature Whiskey Gift Set is the sleek lockable Vaultz box the bottles are packaged in, a bonus gift that can be used long after its contents have been enjoyed.

Purchase the Jack Daniel's Miniature Whiskey Gift Set at Spirited Gifts for $59.

Best gift basket: Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Black Label Tennessee Whiskey Gift Basket

One of the best parts of the holidays is letting loose and indulging in luxurious treats, which is even better when you've got your favorite whiskey to wash them down with. Whether you're looking to give the joy of that experience to someone else or stock up on your own holiday nibbles, the Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Black Label Tennessee Whiskey Gift Basket is the ultimate foodie gift.

Along with a 700 milliliter bottle of Old No.7, the gift basket includes a selection of delectable candies, cookies, popcorn pretzels, cheese, and crackers. If you're really looking to impress, you can opt for a personalized bottle engraving, and choose to throw in a pair of whiskey glasses or a sampler of luxury cigars.

Purchase Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Gift Basket at Spirited Gifts for $105 (excluding engraving and add-ons).

Best gift set for winter cocktail fans: Jack Daniel's Winter Jack Tennessee Cider Gift Pack

As the holidays approach and the temperatures drop, there are few things more warming than a delicious winter cocktail. Jack Daniel's is obviously aware of this because in 2012 they launched the perfect seasonal tipple — Winter Jack Tennessee Cider.

While it's not technically a whiskey, Winter Jack is a scrumptious blend of Old No. 7, apple cider liqueur, and holiday spices that can be gently warmed and enjoyed neat, or added to any number of festive drinks, like mulled wine, eggnog, or even a winter-inspired mimosa. However, for the winter cocktail connoisseurs, you can't go wrong with Jack Daniel's Winter Jack Tennessee Cider Gift Pack. Along with a bottle of Winter Jack, the gift set includes everything one might need to stir up a seasonal twist on the classic Old Fashioned — three premium cocktail premixes, a rocks glass, cherries, dehydrated orange slices, and bamboo skewers for the garnishes.

Purchase Jack Daniel's Winter Jack Tennessee Cider Gift Pack at Cost Plus Liquors for $59.99.

Best home decor gift set: Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Jukebox

If you know a Jack Daniel's fan who loves to show off their love for the classic whiskey, look no further than the limited edition Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Jukebox. One review mentions that it "was a gift for a collector and they loved it," and it's not hard to see why. While the jukebox in question isn't real, you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise thanks to the beautiful chromed trim and feet, and the authentic grill that's covered with genuine speaker fabric.

Truth be told, the jukebox's size would probably give it away too, as it's just large enough to house its contents — a 700 milliliter bottle of delicious Jack Daniel's No. 7.

Purchase Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Jukebox at Frootbat for $149.99.

Or buy Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Jukebox at Cask Cartel for $229.99.

Best limited edition gift set: Jack Daniel's Prohibition 70th & 75th Anniversary Set

In 2008, Jack Daniel's released a very special commemorative set honoring what it sees as key moments in the whiskey's history. Inside a beautiful display case sit two rare and distinct bottles — a 70th Anniversary edition that remembers a time when Jack Daniel's was produced under the radar, and a 75th Anniversary edition paying homage to the year prohibition was lifted.

Since release, these sets have become collector's items, something that's reflected in the astronomical price. Interestingly, there's no record of which Jack Daniel's whiskey is inside the bottles, although it's unlikely many owners have cracked theirs open.

Purchase the Jack Daniel's Prohibition 70th & 75th Anniversary Set at Folsom Wine & Spirits for $1,399.99.

Or pick up the Jack Daniel's Prohibition 70th & 75th Anniversary Set at Flask Fine Wine & Whisky for $1,599.97.