How To Clean Your Kitchen With A Leftover Bottle Of Soda Water

Soda water, club soda, sparkling water, seltzer — whatever you call this bubbly, carbonated beverage, it's undeniably a go-to favorite to sip on throughout the day. However, you might not realize that soda water is somewhat of a secret weapon, capable of much more than just quenching your thirst, especially in the kitchen.

Thanks to its carbon dioxide content and acidic nature, soda water is an excellent — and natural — cleaning agent. It can not only lift and remove stains, loosen food residue or grit, and restore certain tools and appliances to a condition that looks almost new, but its lack of chemicals also makes it safe for gently cleaning kitchen stoneware or other materials like marble. The same applies to your kitchen sink, counter, or stovetop — simply pour or spray the soda water onto the surface you need to clean, let the bubbles sit for a minute to work their magic, and then wipe everything away.

Soda water can target rust on your cast iron skillet

Soda water works exceptionally well on certain spots or specific appliances in your kitchen. With its relatively low pH of 5.5 — lower than tap water — it is a slightly acidic substance, meaning it has just enough carbonic acid to help dissolve and remove grit or stains without being overly harsh or chemical in nature. It is particularly effective for cast iron tools and appliances, as the carbonic acid it contains can reduce or remove rust damage. Depending on the rust level on your cast iron skillet or pan, you can let the carbonated water sit for a few minutes or even soak for a few hours to help eliminate any stubborn, stuck-on food residue. For optimal results in loosening and cleaning caked-on food, add soda water to the pot or pan while it's still relatively hot.

For polishing and restoring rather than scrubbing and cleaning, soda water works wonders on porcelain dishes, glass surfaces, stainless steel appliances like refrigerators and toasters, and even silverware.

How else can you use soda water in the kitchen?

You can use leftover soda water to soak or scrub any of the tools or surfaces mentioned, but its utility in the kitchen goes even further. Soda water not only works well on pots, pans, and countertops, but also on fabrics. Thanks to its fizziness, which helps lift dirt, it acts as an effective stain remover. This means you can apply it to any kitchen towels, tablecloths, or other fabrics in the kitchen that have become stained and splattered while cooking.

Speaking of cooking, carbonated water can also be a culinary ally in a different way — it can actually be used in many recipes. For instance, sparkling water is the perfect addition for fluffy baked goods and crispy fried foods. Substitute the still water in your pancake, waffle, or crepe batter with soda water to maximize the airiness and fluffiness of the finished product. Or, add it to tempura or beer batters to keep your fried foods deliciously light and crispy.

If you have plants in your kitchen, pour the rest of that sparkling water into their soil. Using carbonated water that's made with minerals will help them grow and flourish, keeping your kitchen beautiful.