You Might Want To Check The Expiration Date On Your SodaStream Bottles

So apparently, your reusable SodaStream bottles do not last indefinitely. You might initially think the expiration dates are related to concerns about refilling plastic water bottles, but the actual reason is somewhat more ... well ... explosive. The plastic SodaStream bottles do last a long time — up to three or four years — but you should probably stop using them in the carbonation machines beyond that point.

Over time, the structural integrity of your SodaStream bottles may weaken due to fissures, cracks, scratches, and general wear and tear. Using a bottle before its expiration date and avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures can both help "to reduce the risk of bottle failure[,] which can result in personal injury and property damage," according to the SodaStream Terra product manual. One TikTok user, @jess_einaudi, surmised that "bottle failure" actually refers to bottle explosions, as the compromised bottles can no longer withstand the pressure from carbonation.

What to do with expired SodaStream bottles

After watching @jess_einaudi's video, many TikTok users commented that their bottles had long since expired, though they had not yet experienced any incidents. While it's true that you can continue storing drinks in your expired plastic bottles, choosing to discontinue using them in the SodaStream machine is simply an important safety precaution.


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"I found out about the expiration date AFTER the bottle exploded," one unlucky TikTok user commented on the video.

Since 2022, SodaStream's plastic bottles have been made from recycled plastic, also known as rPET. On the plus side, that means these bottles are 100% recyclable, minus their caps and sleeves. If your bottle has clearly seen better days, it's best to simply recycle it. If you're uncertain, contact your local waste management authority for guidance. To continue enjoying your sparkling water, consider upgrading your SodaStream setup with a new glass carafe, as these never expire.