Transform Greek Yogurt Into Pizza Dough With One Ingredient

Once you learn possibly the world's easiest recipe for pizza dough, you will never look back. In fact, a perfectly tender yet chewy pizza crust can be made by combining Greek yogurt with one other simple ingredient — self-rising flour. The best part is that this easy two-ingredient recipe doesn't require any yeast, and there is no waiting around for the dough to rise before using it in a dish. Gone are the days when you have to plan hours in advance to make a homemade pizza. With this technique, you can prepare a pizza from scratch faster than it takes for one to be delivered.

Just be sure to use plain Greek yogurt for this particular recipe. You certainly don't want your pizza dough tasting like strawberries or vanilla. While it is possible to use nonfat or 2% Greek yogurt in the preparation, choosing whole milk or full-fat Greek yogurt will yield the most flavorful results.

The secret behind self-rising flour

The secret behind this two-ingredient recipe is the use of self-rising flour. Keep your eyes peeled in the grocery store because it is often on a shelf near the all-purpose flour you might normally reach for in recipes. Self-rising flour is a convenience ingredient that has already perfectly combined regular flour with the proper ratio of leavening agents. That means that baking powder and salt have already been added to the flour. You can even make your own self-rising flour by combining 1 ½ teaspoons baking powder and ½ teaspoon salt for every cup of flour. 

The magic happens when the baking powder in the self-rising flour reacts with the acidity in the Greek yogurt. The acid activates the baking powder and allows the pizza dough to lift up and rise while baking in the oven. This is how a beautiful crust can be created without the time and effort of a yeast-based recipe.

All you need to remember is a two-to-one ratio of self-rising flour to Greek yogurt. Combine them in a bowl and then start to knead the mixture by hand to create the dough. Don't worry because it will seem a bit dry and crumbly at first, but trust the process. As you work the dough with your hands, it will transform before your eyes. If the dough is sticky, add more flour until it's pliable and can be easily rolled into a pizza shape.

Ways to use this easy pizza dough

Once the dough has been combined and kneaded, it can be used as a base for any of your favorite homemade pizza recipes, piled with a selection of toppings. Simply bake the pizza at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 to 12 minutes or until the crust is golden and the cheese is perfectly melted.

While using this dough as a crust for pizza is the most obvious use of this two-ingredient recipe, there are other ways to utilize this genius technique in other dishes as well. It could be rolled out into long breadsticks, twisted into garlic knots, or rolled into a stromboli. You could even use it as a shortcut for the crust portion of calzone with sausage, greens, and ricotta. In fact, the recipe doesn't even need to be savory. Give it a try when making cinnamon rolls, or use the crust to create a dessert pizza topped with Nutella and fresh fruit.