The Best Way To Stash Homemade Frozen Burritos

Homemade frozen burritos are a great alternative to ordering delivery or heading to the drive thru. When you make your own frozen burritos, you can control the ingredients to suit your particular taste and dietary needs. They are even a great way to repurpose leftover ingredients into something new, exciting, and — best of all — handheld. Plus, they can be enjoyed any time of day. Frozen burritos are excellent for a quick lunch, as an easy solution for dinnertime, or even for breakfast. After just a few minutes in the microwave, then it's time to dive in.

With just a little bit of meal prep effort, making homemade frozen burritos means you have a convenient meal solution on hand anytime. However, the only way this frozen burrito will taste as good as the day you made it is if you store it properly. There are three keys to stashing frozen burritos like an expert. They must be wrapped tightly, labeled clearly, and stored in an airtight bag.

Making and storing homemade burritos

Frozen burritos can be made with your choice of protein, rice, vegetables, and cheese. Then, tuck in the sides and tightly roll the burrito like an expert. Just be sure to use a warmed tortilla that is large enough to accommodate the filling — and avoid anything too wet or soggy like salsa, sour cream, or fresh avocado as these don't freeze well. Those ingredients are best to use as fresh toppers after reheating your frozen burrito.

Once the burritos have been made, storing them correctly is essential. First, the burrito needs to be wrapped tightly in aluminum foil to hold all the delicious contents. Second, the burrito must be clearly labeled with the date it was made. Frozen burritos are best when enjoyed within one month of when they were prepared but can last up to six months. Finally, wrapped and labeled burritos should be stacked in an airtight zip-top bag. This not only prevents freezer burn but allows the burritos to lay flat and optimize space in the freezer.

More frozen burrito tips

If you plan on making and freezing a large batch of burritos, there is a time-saving assembly line trick that restaurants use. Pre-tear all your squares of aluminum foil and stack them up on your work surface. The burritos can be filled and rolled right on top then immediately wrapped in the top piece of foil. Once you lift it off, the next one is ready to go right there underneath.

It's always a good idea to keep an inventory of frozen items posted on or near the freezer. Sometimes it can be hard to remember what you have, and it is certainly a chilly task to dig through there to see what might be on hand for dinners. After preparing a batch of frozen burritos, note the number you have frozen and update the quantity as you use them. A whiteboard on the fridge works wonders for this.

As you remove the burritos from the freezer, follow our tips for the best way to reheat your burrito without ruining it, then don't forget to reseal the zip-top bag tightly once again before putting the remaining burritos back in the freezer. You can even use a straw to suck the air out of the bag before quickly closing it tight.