How Do You Roll A Burrito?

It's very easy to run out and obtain a burrito in this day and age, and fewer and fewer people are learning the art of burrito-craftsmanship as a result. We're here to reverse this unfornate development. You can and should be making burritos of all kinds — breakfast, steak, random stuff from the fridge, any of these crazy guys. Here's how to roll a burrito. First, some advice:

  • Drain components like beans and marinated or braised meat to avoid overmoistening the tortilla, which will lead to leakage and shirt-ruining. That's not to say actually put them in a strainer (okay maybe for the beans), just do what you can to keep the juices, however delicious, at bay.
  • Use a big flour tortilla — a 14 to 16-incher. Don't try to use a little or even a big whole-wheat tortilla cause you're being healthy this week/accidentally grabbed whole-wheat tortillas. White flour tortillas' extra gluten adds a forgiving stretchiness that will allow you to roll up a behemoth without making you sorry you tried making a burrito in the first place. Microwaving it will loosen it up for easier rolling, but will also make it go brittle and more prone to splitting. Instead, warm it slightly on both sides in a large dry pan over low heat, or fold it, wrap in foil and heat in a low oven for 10 minutes.
  • Now, for the filling. Construct it in the center slightly off to one side with PLENTY of room on either end. Fold the shorter side over, tuck it under the filling, then roll until the filling is completely wrapped. Fold in the sides, then firmly roll the rest of the tortilla into a burrito. Screw up? That's one of the reasons tortillas come in packs of 8. Or maybe that's spectulation. Either way, practice makes perfect.
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