The Trader Joe's Sheet Cake TikTok Would Request On Death Row

A lot of people have sat around with friends at some point and discussed what it is they'd eat for their last meal on earth. Despite the obvious morbidness of the topic, it's interesting hearing which of your loved ones would enjoy something nostalgic and comforting, like mac and cheese from a box, and who would throw all caution to the wind and stuff themselves with the finest ingredients in the world. Apparently, Trader Joe's sells a cake that is so delectable that many would include it in this conversation, even claiming they'd request it for their last meal on death row.

Surely, death row is nothing to joke about, but these claims certainly speak to how well-regarded this ready-made mini cake is. The cake is called the Chantilly Cream Vanilla Bean Mini Sheet Cake, and it's basically a light and airy chantilly cake topped with vanilla bean buttercream frosting. It sounds pretty basic, but the way that fans rave about it, you'd think it was made with magic fairy dust. The cake's reputation began spreading via social media in 2019, and it's still garnering new posts and videos. Some don't see what all of the hubbub is about, but the vast majority tend to agree — the cake is to die for.

A well earned social media reputation

TikTok user Maggie Goodeill and her video about the cake are credited in several other videos as the inspiration to try the TJ's treat. But Goodeill mentions that she herself heard about the cake years ago from someone who referred to it as his death row meal, and explains that, if you've eaten the cake, you know why he described it as so. She then simply says, "It's by the muffins [in TJ's stores]. Get it." A popular Reddit thread claims the cake is heaven-sent and not only the best store-bought cake but the best cake in general.


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According to other videos seen on TikTok, people will open up the cake in the Trader Joe's parking lot and eat it without a fork. Others say it's so delicious that it could easily be their wedding cake. Still others say they simply cannot have the cake in their house lest they eat the entire thing in one sitting. The cake packaging describes the sweet as a "Moist, flavorful cake with a smooth vanilla bean buttercream frosting." Through the clear, plastic top, you can see a browned cake with a thick layer of pale-colored frosting that looks anything but fancy, but it still looks kind of rustic and inviting, like something grandma would have prepared on a Saturday night when you slept over.

There are chocolate and lemon versions, too

The Chantilly Cream Vanilla Bean Mini Sheet Cake does have two counterparts as well. First, there's Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Ganache Cake, described as, "Moist, flavorful cake with a smooth ganache cream cheese frosting." The lemon version, the newest addition, is described in much the same way, but with a cream cheese frosting "sprinkled with lemon zest." All three cakes are 18 ounces and claim to serve six people, but social media suggests they may feed just one hungry fan at a time. One TikTok user commented on Goodeill's post that they stack the vanilla and chocolate cakes together and, essentially, eat them together like some kind of cake sandwich monstrosity. But, overall, it's the vanilla cake that seems to have fans in a tizzy.

The cakes are easy to "dress up" since they are so simple in their presentation. You could top them with fresh berries or edible flowers, add cookies or dollops of whipped cream, sprinkle them with candies, or add any kind of cake topper to make them look festive. The mini vanilla cake certainly doesn't need to be gussied up or reserved for a special occasion (although it's a great dessert choice for, say, a birthday party). Any given Tuesday will do. Just don't end up on death row before you try it.