Replace Your Tomato Sandwich Slices With Watermelon

When it comes to versatile fruit, look no further than watermelon. Not only does it taste great, but watermelon is a healthy snack that can be consumed in a variety of different ways. Most people cut the fruit into slices and eat it as is, but there are a number of other creative and healthy ways you can eat watermelon. One of the most out-of-the-box is probably in a sandwich. Yes, a sandwich. Believe it or not, watermelon makes a great substitute for tomato, another juicy red fruit that is both tantalizing to the tastebuds and good for your overall health.

You can add watermelon to any type of sandwich you like, but we recommend substituting it for tomato in the classic BLT. Construct the sandwich as you normally would but add thin slices of watermelon as filling instead of tomato. Season with salt and pepper to balance the sweetness of the watermelon, and you have yourself a yummy BLW: bacon, lettuce, and watermelon sandwich. 

Watermelon is a great tomato sub

Watermelon and tomato might seem like vastly different fruits, but they have more in common than you might think. The most obvious similarity is the color, with both fruits a deep red. Primarily composed of water, both fruits are fleshy and juicy, making them great for eating on warm days for a hydrating boost. While watermelon's sweetness contrasts with the tomato's tanginess, the brightness of both fruits makes them relatively interchangeable. The texture of both is another reason why you can substitute one for the other. Both watermelon and tomato have a crunchy yet soft texture and are full of juice, making them ideal for a wide range of delicious dishes, from salads to sandwiches.

The sweetness of the watermelon makes a great contrast to most savory ingredients, which is why it's such a smart swap for tomato in a sandwich. You still get the juiciness associated with the tomato but with the sweetness of the watermelon to add balance and complexity to your lunchtime staple.

Other ways you can enjoy watermelon

If substituting watermelon for tomato in your favorite sandwich doesn't tickle your fancy, there are dozens of other ways you can incorporate watermelon into dishes. One of the easiest and healthiest ways to enjoy watermelon is by slicing it into squares and adding it to a watermelon salad. Throw in some avocado, mint, cucumber, and fetta and you have yourself a great summer side dish. Any leftover watermelon scraps can be repurposed into delicious watermelon ice.

Another simple way to enjoy watermelon is by grilling. Cut your watermelon into wedges and marinate it with a concoction of honey, garlic chili sauce, and salt. Whack the slices under the grill for around two minutes per side, and you have a delicious take on watermelon that's both sweet and savory. And for those who enjoy a drink, create a fruit punch with watermelon or add frozen slices of watermelon to a margarita for a refreshing alcoholic tipple.