A Note From The Editor

A few weeks back, Food Republic re-teamed with photographer Mark Shaw at the Food Republic Test Kitchen in the lovely (well, for a Superfund site) Gowanus section of Brooklyn. It was only our second effort, but we're psyched about the results. Over the next few weeks, we'll be posting a series of recipes and how-tos that will hopefully inspire you to get in the kitchen and cook.

This week, we'll get things started with Italian dishes and a couple of how-tos (including a garlic bread primer that has my mouth watering as I write this). Up first this afternoon, an anchovy-riffic pasta puttanesca.

Also, due to an oversight by me, no doubt directly related to the fact that I actively dislike soup, we noticed a near-absence of soup recipes on Food Republic. This week, we set out to correct this; check back regularly under the recipes tab for delicious soup recipes that even a cold-hearted anti-soup guy like me would consider making. Up right now is a simple chicken tortilla soup recipe and a Vineyard clam chowder recipe.

Lastly, for now, I'd like to thank our dedicated Food Scientist for continuing to answer vexing questions about food. He's back this week for more easy-to-understand lessons, starting with what is freezer burn? I'm still feeling 100% smarter now that I know what causes brain freeze.