Watch 2 Brothers Eat 30 Indiana State Fair Foods In A Day

Throngs of people flock to fairs for rides, livestock, and competitions but, if we're being honest, it's the fair food that many people wait all year for. We enthusiastically fill up on all things deep-fried, sugar-coated, and barbecued and only wish we had room for more.

Brothers Scott and Brian Wilson of Mashed recently had to make room for more, and more, and then even more. The siblings spent a day eating and reviewing all 30 of the new food and beverage items at the Indiana State Fair. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Indeed, the duo is shown diving into some epic-looking grub, but the Wilsons didn't just take bites of each item, they ate the entirety of all 30 foods. Brian got the brunt of the eating as Scott is vegetarian and had to bow out of several of the meat-centric fair food, but as the afternoon of pure eating wound down, both Wilsons were visibly struggling.

Still, seeing each indulgent dish throughout the video is enough to make anyone want to run to the Indiana State Fair and at least attempt to follow in the Wilsons footsteps.

Fair food, times 30

All 30 new foods are listed with descriptions and photos on the fair's website, and you see Scott and Brian dive into each and every one, then score them from one to ten, with ten being fair food perfection. The first ten dishes included decadent dishes like Sirloin Tip Fries, S'mores Funnel Cake, and Flamin' Hot Cheeto Corn in a Cup. Commentary ranged from, "Very sweet, it hurts. In a good way," regarding the Cherry Lemonade Twister to "The cotton candy comes in like a Mariachi band," in reference to the Hoosier Slam Dunk Caramel Apple Surprise.

The brothers' 14th dish was the Lemon Drop Drizzle, which they loved but Scott admitted he'd need a blood transfusion after the amount of sugar he'd consumed. Bratchos (nachos with bratwurst) were a hit as well, with Scott claiming, "I feel like our uncle Gary would have loved these before his triple bypass." Other items were not as successful, like the bologna burnt ends that "taste[s] like you're eating a bouncy ball." 

Shortly after bolognagate, Brian is shown lying on his back, completely exhausted and full, but the duo kept going, eating Elote Pizza (a hit), Deep Fried Corn on a Stick (a dud), and finishing it off strong with chicken and waffles. As the brothers wrapped up, Scott stated they'd been eating for nearly 10 hours with Brian likening the experience to climbing Mordor. All in all, it's an impressive culinary feat with a side of sibling bonding. 

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