Thailand's Temple Tiles Inspire Beautifully Intricate Ice Cream

When you visit Bangkok, Thailand and see Wat Arun, the Buddhist temple that is also known as Temple of Dawn, it is definitely a sight to behold. You can tell from afar that the towering structure is ornate and majestic, especially at night when illuminating yellow lights make it appear to be made of pure gold. It isn't until you approach the temple that you realize it is covered with floral mosaic tiles that are made from broken Chinese porcelain. Beautiful, colorful, ornate tiles stretch up as far as the eye can see. Nearby, an ice cream business has taken inspiration from the popular tourist destination and created frozen treats that are as detailed and attractive as the centuries-old tiles.

Pop Icon makes the ice cream exclusively for the temple; the popsicles are molded into intricate floral patterns that specifically resemble the blue ceramic plates and flower details of the grand pagoda. You can see from Pop Icon's Instagram page that the ice cream makes for some picture-perfect photos, especially when the temple acts as the backdrop, plus the ice-cold treat is perfect for the warm and humid conditions Bangkok is known for.

Flower of Dawn pops are delicious to eat and gorgeous to behold

Owner of Pop Icon and designer of the ice cream, Sirinya Hanpachearnchoak, explained to Reuter's that the popsicles, called Flower of Dawn, aren't just meant to satisfy a sweet tooth. She said, "I think that if we put the temple's identity on the ice cream, people might spend more time examining the details (of the pagoda) than they otherwise would."

There is no doubt that the ice cream is lovely to look at, especially when held in front of the temple tiles. The butterfly pea coconut milk flavor has a lavender hue which it gets from butterfly pea, a plant native to Asia which lends a bright blue hue and an earthy, grassy flavor to anything it's added to. The Thai milk tea flavor looks like milk-kissed black tea. Traditionally, Thai milk tea has spicy essences of cardamom, star anise, and cinnamon.

The ice cream pops have created quite a buzz from social media which is likely creating interest in the Wat Arun temple itself. The ice cream sells for 89 baht, or just over $2.50. The manufacturer says the proceeds will go towards the temple's Buddhist education and medical expenses.