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You'll never buy store-bought pita chips again. (Photo: Jen Altman.)

We’ve bought more boxes of crackers than we’re willing to count. It’s time to make our own, which is why we picked up a copy of Crackers & Dips. If you’re proud of your crackers (and you will be if they’re homemade), you’re likely to enjoy the toppings even more. These Middle Eastern-spiced pita chips couldn’t be easier: slice pita, spice, toss with oil and bake!

In this recipe, I sprinkle my homemade pita chips with za’atar, a Middle East­ern herb blend (in this case homemade) that is often mixed with olive oil and used as a bread dip. The dried savory, thyme and tart sumac in za’atar give these chips an exotic flavor that is especially tasty when served with dips of a similar eastern Mediterranean ilk such as tzatziki or spicy red lentil dip. Although these chips keep for up to 3 days, it’s best to reheat them briefly so they can regain some of their original savor.

Reprinted with permission from Crackers & Dips