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Mark Leslie knows pasta. He is the author of Beyond the Pasta, a memoir with recipes from his experiences in Italy, where he learned the mastery of cooking his noodles with everything from pollotopomodori and beyond. Though he works as a stage manager in professional theater, Mark travels to Italy each year to fulfill his passion for everything Italian, and he keeps fellow pasta fanatics up to date on his blog.

Leslie, who contributed a first-person account of the makings of his book here on Food Republic, takes a break from pasta to share an awesome recipe for yogurt cake that you should try right now. Take it away, Mark:

In Steel Magnolias—the play, then the movie—there is a recipe called “Cuppa, Cuppa, Cuppa,” in which the character Truvy (played by Dolly Parton) declares that she “serves it with a scoop of ice cream to cut the sweetness.” This is NOT that recipe. Here, the recipe’s Italian name refers to the use of the yogurt container as the measuring cup (“cuppa”) for all of the ingredients. I have included both sets of measurements—the use of a standard American measuring cup and the use of the yogurt container “cuppa.”