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Filled with bright fruit and tucked-in flaky pie crust, this winter citrus galette will brighten up your whole home.

Bring out the sensual side of baking with pastry chef and food writer Malika Ameen’s new cookbook. Her South Asian heritage inspires the earthy flavors, herbs, spices and ingredients found in her award-winning recipes. Bake outside your comfort zone with Sweet Sugar, Sultry Spice. This bright winter citrus galette is the cure for the cold-weather blues.

One of chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s most famous dishes is his roasted carrots with orange juice and cumin. It’s one of my favorite vegetable dishes ever. Just thinking of it makes my mouth water — and made me wonder if the same pairing of orange and cumin that is so sublime in a savory dish could work just as beautifully in a sweet one. The answer is yes. This is one of my favorite recipes in the book: slightly bitter caramel, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth pastry, bright oranges, and just the slightest touch of smoky, earthy cumin. It might sound odd, but wait until you try it. It’s sweet alchemy.

Store: The baked galette can be refrigerated overnight and reheated.

Reprinted with permission from Sweet Sugar, Sultry Spice