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When you hit the rinds, don't throw them out. Pickle them!

Nobody knows pickles quite like Southerners do, which is why we were so happy to get our hands on Southern Living magazine's new cookbook, Little Jars, Big Flavors. This little book has over a hundred big recipes for pickling all of spring and summer's sweet and savory bounty, plus ideas on how to serve them. It'll also inspire to you buy that whole watermelon

By now, you should have the watermelon in your full-on summer culinary arsenal, used in everything from salads to cold soups to herb-infused ice pops. But please tell us you're not buying that pre-packaged, pre-cut watermelon — it's a waste of money, and of one of the melon's most misunderstood parts. Here's why you should be transforming the watermelon rind into delicious sweet and sour watermelon pickles for a crunchy, addictive snack that pairs well with everything from cheese to barbecue.