Let’s all gather ’round the whole roasted branzino! Holiday season should be about being together and enjoying spectacular food, not worrying about who can’t/won’t eat what. New York Times best-selling cookbook author Danielle Walker brings her signature style of everyone-friendly cuisine to the feast season with Against All Grain Celebrations.

Italian Christmas celebrations, or at least the Italian-American Christmas Eve I grew up with, always includes a fish entrée in addition to the beef or poultry. My grandmother makes salmon because it is  her favorite, but I love to prepare a whole Mediterranean fish, like branzino. Its mild flavor and simple preparation even appeals to those who do not love fish. If you are serving only this dish as the main course, you may want to double the recipe.

Tidbits: Branzino has delicately flavored white flesh. Striped bass or red snapper would also be great prepared this way.

Ask your fishmonger to gut and clean the fish for you.

Reprinted with permission from Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain Celebrations