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Make the most of a whole duck by enlisting sweet honey and ripe seasonal melon.

Grillmaster Lex Taylor is at it again with a book of recipes inspired by grilling techniques around the world. Whether you’re craving meat, fish or vegetables from any food culture that cooks with fire, you’ll find a brand-new way to enjoy it right here. Fire it up, it’s time to make whole duck with honey and cantaloupe! 

Half the reason I love to grill duck is that I get to trim it beforehand and gather a nice collection of duck fat that will make a grand appearance at some unsuspecting future meal and just blow it up. The other reason is because, well, it’s duck, and duck is tasty as hell. If you have a lengthy bacon résumé, those skills will translate rather nicely to duck. Both are very fatty and have a nice skin that can get super crunchy. For a spectacular effect, pair your crispy-skinned grilled duck with something cool and luscious, like cantaloupe.

Reprinted with permission from Grill Fire