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This summer stone fruit crumble is peak seasonality at its finest.

Why should salads and veggie dishes get all the garden glory? California pastry chef Lei Shishak uses seasonal fruit in this magnificent book of farm-to-table desserts. From cakes and pastries to ice cream, popsicles and puddings, there’s a recipe for every fruit craving under the sun. This white peach and cherry crumble is a beauty to behold. 

When the long days of spring are in full swing, bright red cherries and gorgeous white peaches flood the market. Though delicious on their own, they pair remarkably well in this springtime crumble. The addition of sweet wine adds a noticeable richness to the filling and the double layer of brown sugar oat crumb ensures that every spoonful has a crunchy bite. If you’re not a wine lover, simply substitute it with water and increase the sugar a bit.

Reprinted with permission from Farm-to-Table Desserts