Many know the daiquiri and the Negroni well, but few would envision the two going together. And few did until the nearly forgotten Jungle Bird cocktail, a tiki drink hailing from a Kuala Lumpur hotel in the late 1970s, was rediscovered as a modern classic by New York City bartender Giuseppe Gonzalez. Combining rum, lime juice, pineapple, and simple syrup to create to a sweet daiquiri base, the addition of Campari brings a defining bitter element and Negroni comparisons.

The Jungle Bird has since grown to be a favorite among many bartenders, which is why at Forrest Point in Bushwick, Brooklyn, barmen Dustin Olson and Gareth Howells knew they had a winner with the Falcon Lake Incident. Swapping a smoky mezcal for Black Strap rum and Cappelletti as the red bitter in place of Campari, the Falcon Lake maintains the frothy texture and brightness of the original Jungle Bird, but it’s the bite of the pink peppercorns and floral overtones from the chamomile syrup that truly set this adaptation apart as something that is not to be missed. Enjoy.

Jungle Bird Cocktail Recipe