I’m not gluten-free, and for that I thank Science every day. That being said, I know some people who can’t handle their wheat, and I sympathize with them. They can’t eat cheeseburgers, and cheeseburgers are one of earth’s most perfect foodthings. A friend (who may be a Food Republic editor) came over once when I was making burgers and brought her own gluten-free bun in a little Ziploc bag. It was so sad and inadequate compared to my monstrous fresh-from-the-bakery brioche bun. I thought, how can I help my friends really enjoy burgers without having to resort to these unhappy gluten-free bun-like discs? Or no bun, which is fine, I guess, but…dat bun doe.

That’s where the Paoburger comes in. I took my pao de queijo recipe, added extra cheese and baked them in 4.5-inch ramekins to make perfect, cheesy gluten-free buns. The best part about these? My wheat-eating friends will still eat them without complaining, cause they’re made of cheeeeeese!