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Deep-fry your dogs the Jersey way — they're done when they "rip"!

Say what you will about New Jersey, but head over the bridge and you’ll eat very, very well. With an enormous amount of farmland as well as a diverse immigrant (and native) population, you’ll be ready to move on from red sauce Italian quicker than you may think. Take a peek into the Garden State’s culinary past, present and future with New Jersey native and food and beer journalist John Holl’s new book. 

Everyone has their preferred way of cooking a hot dog. Some like the boiled or steamed ballpark variety; others like them to a varying degree of doneness on the grill. Here in Jersey, we deep-fry them. A quality frankfurter — beef or pork — will have a tough casing that withstands the hot oil, to a point; the dogs are done when they rip open, hence the nickname “rippers.” Served on a bun, with a heaping of Jersey-style relish, these dogs require only a side of onion rings or fries.

Reprinted with permission from Dishing Up New Jersey