Now you can add cheesemaker to your list of culinary achievements. Really. It’s not hard. And homemade ricotta is far superior to store-bought, even if it comes from a fancy cheese shop. And tartine? Just a fancy way of saying “open-faced sandwich.” This is our ode to spring, with the fresh cheese topped by grassy favas and prosciutto laced with lemon atop the most delicious bread you can find.

Cook’s Note: Finding fresh fava beans at the market is a sure sign of spring. They do require a little advance prep. You’ll need to remove them from their fuzzy pods (like unzipping a jacket). Set up an ice bath, then blanch the beans quickly in salted, boiling water. About 30 seconds should do it. Drop them in the ice bath to cool off, then slip them out of their tough, rubbery skins, and they’re ready to use.

And if favas prove elusive, blanched lima beans or edamame are acceptable substitutes.