If you know anything about Portland, you know it has killer cuisine from all walks of life. From food trucks to brick-and-mortar joints (also known as restaurants), this city is crazy about cuisine. Award-winning food writer and recipe developer Danielle Centoni has a new book of recipes from Stumptown that will rejuvenate your culinary repertoire and inspire you to book a flight ASAP. This Vietnamese duck curry from Departure is a sumptuous treat. 

Departure chef Gregory Gourdet uses all parts of the duck in this incredibly rich and flavorful curry, but to make it more accessible for home cooks, this version uses store-bought stock and confit. Can’t find the confit? Don’t fret. The sauce is so delicious, you can serve it with just about anything, even tofu. Just be sure to serve it with enough crusty bread or steamed rice to soak it all up.

Notes: Some specialty and gourmet grocers carry duck breasts and duck leg confit in the butcher department or deli or freezer section. Look for duck stock in the freezer section, too, or check the soup aisle for More Than Gourmet brand duck and chicken stock base (also available through online retailers). You can also special-order the meats from your butcher. In Oregon, any retailer that works with Nicky USA can source the duck breast and duck leg confit for you.

Cutting taro can make your hands itch. If your skin is sensitive, wear gloves.

Reprinted with permission from Portland Cooks