Say it with us: “An!” It means “eat” in Vietnamese. Follow Helene An, executive chef at Beverly Hills hot spot House of An, as she recounts the family history that brought her to culinary fame in Los Angeles and shares the recipes she and her daughter cook for their never-ending line of hungry fans.

My mother says the most addictive kind of food not only tastes good but also makes your body feel good. This is one of those dishes. When we did the photo shoot for this cookbook, it was quickly gobbled up as soon as the photographs were taken. In Vietnam, tofu isn’t viewed as simply a meat replacement for vegetarians. Instead, it’s prized as a highly versatile, healthy and inexpensive protein that absorbs and then shines with the flavors of other ingredients. Tofu is frequently included in dishes with meat because it adds another layer of texture — incredibly important to the Vietnamese plate. Trumpet mushrooms are known for their umami flavor, and, combined with the onion roux, they give the sauce buttery texture and add a healthy, earthy richness to the normally plain tofu.

Reprinted with permission from An