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Don't let their size fool you; these veggie cakes are mighty satisfying.

We were very excited to receive Deborah Madison’s new cookbook, Vegetable Literacy, because a Deborah Madison cookbook means good vegetarian food is about to hit the table. Like, really good. Don’t miss the meat good. Next up, intensely flavorful veggie patties that work perfectly as an appetizer, main course or sandwich. 

These veggie cakes can serve as a tidy little nibble for a pass-around, be made slightly larger for a first course, or made larger still for a vegetable main course.

These little cakes are so very satisfying, and light enough that you can serve them with a dollop of sour cream and a cluster of micro greens or a chiffonade of sorrel. A mixture of chard and beet greens works well, too. The beet greens may cook more quickly than the chard. If you prefer spinach, you’ll need at least two pounds.