Let’s hear it for Mark Bittman, food writer extraordinaire and cookbook hero to all! The 10th anniversary edition of his best-selling How To Cook Everything Vegetarian focuses squarely on all things produce. From soups and salads to elegant, hearty main courses, this is the book to pick up if you’re looking to expand your repertoire. Make this hearty vegetable lasagne tonight and watch the excellent reviews roll in. 

At its simplest, lasagne is a baked dish of layered pasta (each sheet is a “lasagna”; lasagne is plural), sauce and cheese; adding some cooked vegetables like spinach, zucchini or mushrooms is a no-brainer. Make your lasagne with fresh pasta whenever you can; it’s traditional and completely delicious. However, store-bought noodles are fine, and egg roll wrappers and polenta slices work surprisingly well too.

Reprinted with permission from How To Cook Everything Vegetarian