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Vegan rice dessert that everyone can enjoy.

Looking for a vegan recipe everyone will love? We're sure your strategy of "just make it without the bacon" will work and everything, but just in case it doesn't, there's Robin Robertson, author of more than 20 healthy living cookbooks. Her latest, Vegan Without Borders, is a trove of nutritious vegan recipes that don't lack anything but a big group of hungry people chowing down on it. Make this creamy rice pudding and you may never go back to the original recipe. 

I prefer to make rice pudding using leftover cooked rice rather than starting from scratch with raw rice because it’s quicker and it’s a great way to use leftover rice. My favorite rice for rice pudding is brown basmati rice, but if you like a creamier texture, try sushi rice, arborio rice or jasmine rice.

Reprinted with permission from Robin Robertson's Vegan Without Borders