We’re loving vegan YouTube star Lauren Toyota’s new collection of comfort food recipes sure to rejuvenate your plant-based cooking repertoire. If you’re craving the vegan version of just about anything, Toyota has a recipe for you. This vegan mushroom fettuccine alfredo will satisfy and delight.

Here’s a classic no one ever thinks could possibly be re-created without butter and heavy cream. But it can be done, and this one won’t weigh you down for days with loads of dairy. So say hello to the creamiest-ever vegan fettuccine Alfredo! If you’re a mushroom hater, I don’t understand your life, but you can leave them out. The wine, however, is nonnegotiable. Okay, if you have to omit it I’ve got you covered below. Oh, and if you’re allergic to nuts, just replace the cashews with the same measurement of soft tofu and use 1⁄2 cup water when blending. Okay, no more excuses…get cooking!

Hot Tip: In a pinch you can make a half batch of The Parm in a coffee grinder. Be sure to clean it thoroughly beforehand!

Reprinted with permission from Hot For Food Vegan Comfort Classics