Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. executive chef-owner Adam Geringer-Dunn came back from a recent trip to Thailand with noodles squarely on his mind. Pad thai, to be specific, but not like any pad thai you’ve ever had. Instead, he created a raw, vegan, gluten-free spin you can jazz up to your liking. Add tofu, chicken, seafood or keep it raw and vegan — it’s your bowl! 

This play on pad thai is light and healthy, and you can add a variety of grilled proteins as you like. We really wanted to create a dish that appealed to vegans as well as those without any dietary restrictions. We also wanted it to have a connection to the ocean, so we used seaweed kelp, which is incredibly nutritious and really takes on the pad thai flavors well.

I buy kelp noodles in bulk, but you can find them online and in some specialty Asian stores.